A Fond Farewell…

We are now cherishing our final few days as the Uganda Action Team 2017/18. We have been reflecting quite a lot in these past few days, thinking back to all of the laughs we’ve shared and have very mixed emotions on finishing our time as Action Teamers.

We spent a restful few days at IMC in Birmingham before heading onto the final three weeks. This started with a 5am start to get a flight to Dublin which we explored for the day before heading up north to Anahilt (30 minutes outside Belfast). This week spent around James’ family and friends was perhaps our busiest yet but really enjoyable as those of us from England had never crossed the Irish Sea before, so it was a wonderful experience (sadly we didn’t meet any leprechauns!)

At Ballynahinch Baptist Church we shared with many groups, from the toddlers to the youth and the main fellowship on Sunday morning and evening.

We spent a lot of time with James’ family while we were there, it was the first time all 5 of them were in the same country for 10 months! We also had enough time to explore the natural beauty of the country, we were really able to appreciate God’s incredible creation! James took us to the Giants Causeway and many other sights along the north coast. We were also able to take part in some outdoor activities such as kayaking and bouldering!

The following week we spent at Kirsty’s church in Harrow, North West London (not quite as picturesque as Northern Ireland) which was slightly less hectic but we were still able to fellowship with the various groups that take place at Kenton Baptist Church. From the youngest to the oldest, we thoroughly enjoyed chatting to everyone. We have also now lost count of the number of assemblies we have led and could probably recite them in our sleep! We have been really encouraged by lots of the teachers we have met but, Mrs Shankar has been the most enthusiastic about Uganda having grown up there herself, she helped us out with our presentations and her joyful spirit made our day!

We had a lot of down time too, enough to explore London going to the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery and walking through Camden, where Olivia and Kirsty got a portrait of themselves! And then along the canal to Regents Park. Kirsty was also glad to spend some time with her family during the week, also with friends from the church and her minister and his wife who took us all bowling on our last evening which was so much fun and was just what we needed – a bit of friendly teammate rivalry!


Our final stop on our “Team Uganda Takes South East England (and Northern Ireland)” tour (TUTSEEANI for short, I’m positive it’ll catch on eventually!) is Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. We have spent a week with Medway Christian Fellowship and it has been the perfect ending to our time on the Action Team Programme, we have been so inspired and encouraged by the work this church is doing in the local community and it has been a privilege to get involved this week.

Some of the things we have done (other than the two Sunday services, which were both amazing) was a fun day where James and Kirsty both demonstrated their questionable face painting skills, Olivia helped with some crafts and Joseph was a goalie beaten by many under 10s! We had such fun and it was a great opportunity to chat to families in the community. We went to a couple of other activities such as Youth Group and a Family Fellowship evening. We were reunited with Chris Duffet (who we met whilst training in September) so we were able to do some more street evangelism after a bible study in Wetherspoons!

We would like to thank everyone we met on our eight week journey, you have made our time in each location so special and we have thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

Team Uganda over and out (but not before some final prayer requests!)

Prayer and Praise Points:

  • Please pray for the work and ministries of Ballynahinch Baptist Church, Kenton Baptist Church and Medway Christian Fellowship as they seek to follow God’s will in church life and within their communities.
  • Praise for being able to see different areas that we haven’t been to before and get involved in the work of various communities.
  • We are all starting various universities in September and would really appreciate continued prayer as we prepare and begin our different courses.
  • Praise God for allowing each of us to serve Him in many ways over the last 10 months, it has been a privilege.
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  1. Karen Hogge says:

    Fantastic! Well done to all of you. What an amazing year! Looking forward to seeing you all again on Saturday. x

  2. Jean Morris says:

    So lovely to hear all about ur journey. Loved the time spent with u all. Wishing u a blessed future. U are a credit to your parents. The future looks good with people like u in it. Go make a difference. God bless all four of u. X


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