A Little Bit of Waffle…

We are currently on our final few days of Tour Training and really looking forward to travelling around the UK to many different churches and meeting even more new people!

We have really enjoyed being back in the UK, despite missing the lifestyle and people of Uganda tremendously. Olivia was grateful as she was reunited with her bed and had the best night’s sleep in 6 months (uninterrupted by all night prayer services!).

Kirsty has particularly loved feeling cold for the first time in 6 months… wearing scarves and jumpers again was pretty great. Joe really enjoyed being around “normal people” again. And James loved seeing all of the beautiful Northern Irish landscapes. We all appreciated seeing all of our family and friends again, spending a lot of quality time with them before being reunited with the team at IMC.

During our time in Birmingham we have attended lots of sessions on how to create and deliver various presentations to different kinds of people. We have also been able to catch up with all of the other Action Teamers and hearing all of their incredible stories and testimonies of God working through them and in their lives. Shout out to all of them, you’re incredible!

We were also reunited with our wonderful training church, Shirley Baptist Church, who put together a great programme allowing us to get plenty of practice for the different kinds of presentations we could be asked to give when we are on tour. Also our hosts took us out for a proper Birmingham Balti (which Kirsty and Olivia found quite spicy!) and there was also a waffle party which just so happened to coincide with our visit, so obviously we had to go to try all of the waffles! We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Shirley, particularly Paul for accommodating us and encouraging us throughout September training, when we were overseas and again last weekend.

Prayer and Praise Points:

  • Praise for safe travels and enjoyable time spent at home.
  • Praise for incredible conversations and opportunities to tell our stories and the amazing way God has used us over the last 6 months.
  • Prayer that we will remain focussed on God and glorify Him in the way He deserves over the next couple of months.
  • Prayer for the ministries of Shirley Baptist Church, that they feel inspired and encouraged in all that they are doing for God.