Another Day, Another Rolex

Team life has begun to settle into a rhythm in Gulu. We have experienced many traditionally African things… James was the first to become familiar with the Acholi latrine, while Olivia was asked if she would be willing to sell her hair for the local people to make a wig.

Some things have taken a bit more getting used to, such as the frequent power cuts which left us having our bible study by torch light!

Also, the amount of carbohydrates in the meals is significantly more than any of us are used to (although rice and beans are beginning to become one of our favourite things to eat!) Another “food first” is Rolex (not the watch company, as was pointed out to Joe) which are omelettes wrapped in a chapatti, and are possibly the best things on the planet – they are consumed at least once a day!

We have been caught out many a time by the unpredictable storms… you’d have thought the erratic British weather would have prepared us for this, but the Ugandan rainy season has got the better of us! This leads us on to Life Lesson #2: always carry a raincoat in rainy season or you’ll end up looking like this (and having the Ugandan army laughing at you because you are a “silly white person”)…

Although one time that this life lesson may not apply is when you’re at the swimming pool (on your day off of course), but maybe then you could follow James and Kirsty’s logic, “We are already wet, what will a little rain do?!”

At the end of our Orientation week we took part in a team building week with the BMS Gulu team, which included a zip wire at the end, taking us back to our Min-y-Don days!

Contrary to popular opinion, we have actually started working on our projects. We’ve taken part in Sunday School, teaching the children “Be Bold, Be Strong”. We have also visited Compassion where we attempted to entertain 300 children. In hindsight, British Bulldog was probably not the best game suggestion.

The main bulk of our projects are with Dan and Jody. With Dan, we helped to landscape a new school playground (Kirsty was sadly unable to help with this due to illness but she was assured that it was strenuous, which was confirmed when she saw the state they returned in!). With Jody, we are showing teachers how to make learning resources to assist with the teaching of phonics. On our first trip into schools, we split up – Joe and Olivia went to one school, while James and Kirsty went to another school. We are still perplexed as to how they ended up at the wrong school…

“We arrived at Highland Junior School, met by a crowd of keen teachers. We were getting stuck into teaching resources to the headmaster and around ten teachers when all of a sudden after about an hour we got a phone call from Jodi. She asked if we had arrived at the school, we told her of course we have. To our surprise she told us that we couldn’t have because her colleague Katie was still waiting for us to arrive. Turns out we went to the wrong school and the teachers, clueless as to why two whites had appeared at their school yet not wanting to embarrass us (honour & shame culture etc…) spent an hour listening to us teach them resources before it was revealed they had no idea who we were or why we were at their school. On the plus side thanks to our inspiration the school has decided to join the phonics training programme!” (written by James).

We are looking forward to getting more and more involved in the different schools around Gulu and meeting the wonderful children and teachers!

Prayer and Praise Points:
– Prayer for the health of the team, we have all felt uneasy recently, please pray that all health improves.
– Praise that we have started getting into our projects and are really enjoying them!
– Prayer for Gulu University Community Church as they are reaching out to their local community through different events, such as Movie Night.
– Praise for our amazing supervisors, we are so thankful for their uplifting support throughout our first weeks here.

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  1. Nepal says:

    Hey Team Uganda! It sounds like you guys are having a fab time. We can agree with the fact that chapattis are one of the best things on the planet – just not so convinced about the omelette bit! Praying that health improves. Lots of love, Team Nepal x

  2. Pat Graham says:

    Hi James and company what a wonderful job you are doing keeping busy no doubt See you are getting used to the diet Was good to see some potatoes being prepared one day a good Irish man can’t do without his potatoes. Good to see the work you are doing in the schools must be pretty impressive when the school visited by mistake is buying into your programme Good to have the swimming pool he ated by the sun I’m sure Praying for you every day especially for good health and that you will be much used of God as you serve Him in Uganda

  3. Grace says:

    Great to hear your latest news team Uganda! Lots of new experiences with culture, food and programme by the sounds of it, and I’m sure you’ll get the right school next time!
    Ben and Grace.

  4. Eleanor says:

    Hahahha I laughed a few times when reading this. Its amazing to see how you’re all getting on! Rolex look amazing – maybe we’ll starting putting our homemade chappattis to good use! We also have experienced the carb overload and are living in bread, rice and a ridiculous amount of porridge oats!! Sending prayers your way! X

  5. Rev Dr Andrew K Jones says:

    Dear all,
    Belated greetings, but we are with you now and have your prayer cards. We are blessed with Tim And Linda and their family being members of our church so we have promised to support the Uganda Action Team. We prayed for you all by name at this week’s prayer meeting, and will continue to pray for you and your families back home. May you know the Lord’s blessing and presence daily!
    Andrew ( pastor of Avenue Baptist Church Beckenham)

  6. Sheila Boakes says:

    So exciting to read of your unfolding adventures and escapades whilst you continue to settle in to serve . Interesting to hear of the day to day challenges – unpredictable weather and overload of carbohydrates – obscurities like hair cuts for wig making ! These sort of add a
    ‘ normality ‘ to what is actually a very exciting and challenging, life changing experience for you all. Absolutely love your involvement in schools. What a blessing! Praying that you will stay healthy and fit as you continue to give your best efforts as you serve so willingly. Bless and be blessed. Sheila Boakes RBC. xx

  7. Paul Campion says:

    Loved reading this blog. Thank you so much for the update. Praying especially for your health, and all your adjustments to the weather, food and intermittent power. Looking forward to hearing how your projects progress. We continue to pray for you all,

  8. Richard Waller says:

    Great to see you settling in to one of our favourite places and meeting up with team. Trust that all goes well and that you know a real sense of God at work with and through you. Say “Hi” to Joe, Lois, Tim and Linda from us. Blessings to you all!

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