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What’s cooking?

It is absolutely amazing to us that we have been here for a month already! The time is whizzing by, and we feel more settled than we could possibly have imagined, which really is answer to prayer. In the past two weeks, we have helped put on an Activity Week for the primary children at […]


We’re two weeks into our time in Nepal, and so far, apart from ‘Namaste’ and ‘Jai-mase!’ (meaning ‘Victory to the Lord’, a greeting used between Christians), our most frequently used word has been ‘wow-zers’, used to convey excitement/shock/awe. Or just to tease Rach for her habit of making up words! Most notably… “Wow-zers – we […]


Welcome to our second blog post – Team Nepal are now actually in Nepal! The first half of what follows, we wrote whilst on our way here. Public Wi-Fi failed us and we were unable to post it at the time, but we want to include it now as it contains our reflections on training. […]


Hello! We are the Action Team going to Nepal this year and we’re so excited to join in with God’s mission in that part of the world. We only came together as a team at the beginning of the month, but having lived in each other’s pockets since then, and having laughed our way through […]