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A Fond Farewell…

We are now cherishing our final few days as the Uganda Action Team 2017/18. We have been reflecting quite a lot in these past few days, thinking back to all of the laughs we’ve shared and have very mixed emotions on finishing our time as Action Teamers. We spent a restful few days at IMC […]

“Do They Have Circles in Uganda?”

We have now spent time at five churches across the UK, I don’t think any of us have been this well acquainted with the south east of England before. Our third church was Ashford Baptist church where we spoke at various groups from younger to older, but we also got involved in some community action […]

Oh, We Do Like To Be By The Seaside!

The first two weeks of the Team Uganda tour have been nothing but lovely, both along the beautiful English coastline, to places none of us have ever been to before. We have already thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful new people and taking part in the life of different churches and the activities they run. […]

A Little Bit of Waffle…

We are currently on our final few days of Tour Training and really looking forward to travelling around the UK to many different churches and meeting even more new people! We have really enjoyed being back in the UK, despite missing the lifestyle and people of Uganda tremendously. Olivia was grateful as she was reunited […]

You Asked, We Answered

Thank you for your questions! Here are our answers: What advice would you give anyone looking to engage in short term mission? KH – Find out as much about the culture, people, language and potential work before you go and as soon as you arrive, settle yourself in with local friends and get to know […]

Conquering, Constructing and Celebrating!

None of us can quite believe we have less than 5 weeks left in Gulu, but that doesn’t make it any less of a fact. Joe took us on a journey the other day from one side of our home to (almost) the other side to demonstrate how far we have come. We have realised […]

We’re All Going on a ‘Dry Season’ Holiday

It has arrived. The dreaded dry season hit us hard. With it comes three new challenges; water, heat, and dust. Saving water is very tricky, something we’ve never had to consider previously. Three examples of ways we have been monitoring and limiting our water usage is through standing in a bucket when showering, taking “bore […]

The Twelve Days of (Ugandan) Christmas

Disclaimer: this blog was intended to be posted before the New Year, however we got here before you all and were waiting for you to catch up (also the internet failed us!). A post-Christmas, pre-New Year update for you all. Sorry it isn’t chronological, but it gives a very numerical outline of our celebrations! One […]