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We Bought a Goat?!

Apologies for reposting, this blog was accidentally deleted. 07/12/17 We have now finished all of the reading tests for the Gulu Primary Schools – thanks for all of your prayers! All schools have now finished for this academic year in preparation for dry season, so our work with primary schools is on pause. The secondary […]

Baptisms, Bonfires, Bikes and Birthdays!

It has been a hectic couple of weeks for us! We have been carrying out the first district-wide primary school reading tests. This means that, along with a team of twenty local teachers, we are making our way through the 76 school in Gulu District to test the reading ability of 45 pupils from each […]

Another Day, Another Rolex

Team life has begun to settle into a rhythm in Gulu. We have experienced many traditionally African things… James was the first to become familiar with the Acholi latrine, while Olivia was asked if she would be willing to sell her hair for the local people to make a wig. Some things have taken a […]

There’s a First Time for Everything!

Team Uganda are now officially in Uganda! After having some slightly stressful missing luggage (now returned to us, safely!) we have made it to Gulu and are beginning to settle. [Life Lesson No. 1: Always pack spare underwear in your hand luggage!] Olivia and Kirsty enjoyed helping (watching) the boys playing car-boot-tetris with all of […]

Uganda, We’re Coming For You!

We have officially finished training! We are so excited to head overseas and get stuck in with the local people of Gulu. Our last two weeks of training were busier than the first, if that’s even possible! We visited different places of worship, learnt the many things a triangular bandage can do, and gave free […]

The first introduction: Team Uganda

Just two weeks into Action Teams and it feels like we’ve been together for a lifetime *insert cheesy High School Musical quote here*. Many inside jokes have already been created, and we are anxiously/excitedly anticipating our “team building week” at Min-y-don. [Update: we learnt that words have power and actions have consequences]! We were sent […]