Conquering, Constructing and Celebrating!

None of us can quite believe we have less than 5 weeks left in Gulu, but that doesn’t make it any less of a fact. Joe took us on a journey the other day from one side of our home to (almost) the other side to demonstrate how far we have come. We have realised how Joe loves his analogies, taking every opportunity to think of a new one!


Since returning from our holiday, we have been fairly busy with many different projects. As soon as we got back, we got straight into running a kids holiday club called “More Than Conquerors” at our church. We lead worship, performed dramas, made crafts and played games. Each day was focussed on a different figure in the Bible who conquered something with God’s help; Gideon, Joseph, Moses and Jesus. We noticed during Sunday School that the children are excellent at memory verses so it became a big competition as to who could remember the most – with a lolly as a prize!

There is a new teachers training college, Connect Education Centre, opening this week so in the last few months we have been helping with the setting up of a library and resources for different classrooms. This includes making a play health centre and ‘papier mache’ fruit market for a nursery room. We spent many (many) hours sticking coloured stickers on books and coding them to be catalogued, organisation crazy Kirsty got a strange sense of satisfaction from this but the rest of the team found that it got dull rather quickly.

The boys really found their calling when we helped out with rebuilding a mud-hut of one of the ladies at church, Rose. Rose is a widow who has seven children to look after and provide for. We spent the first Saturday learning the art of roof thatching, which is harder than you would think. We ended up having scratches and scrapes all the way up our arms from putting the grass into bundles and throwing them up to the ‘thatcher’ sat on top of the roof. When we arrived and saw thirty huge bundles of grass we thought it would be way too much to go on a small roof but it was definitely all needed. The second Saturday was spent making the floor of the hut, which involved making trips to a spring to fetch water to help beat down mud, making a flat floor. Olivia managed to draw the short straw by having to make the most trips to the spring but showed that despite being the smallest member, she’s definitely not the weakest!

One of our supervisors’ colleagues got married at the end of January, and we were invited to his wedding which was very exciting for us all (except sadly Joe managed to be very sick, having to miss out on all of the fun). It was a great day of celebration and love, full of colour! At the reception Olivia and Kirsty performed a dance with some of the girls from church, which was incredibly lively. We are still unsure as to how Kirsty managed to jump around on her hugely swollen and quite infected toe, but it was fun to watch!

The boys came across a church in Gulu town called House of Prayer for All Nations, which we have all attended and thoroughly enjoyed. The services are during lunch hours, so very convenient when we are in town. Prior to one of the services, James met with a man in the streets who confessed to him that he was addicted to drugs but wanted to know the Lord. James explained to him that he cannot rely on both God and drugs so the man gave up the drugs and gave his life to Christ. Please keep him in your prayers, that he may grow in his faith and not give in to any temptations or cravings that he may experience.

Prayer and Praise Points:

  • Praise that there are now 4 members of the language class we set up a while ago, it may have taken longer than expected but we thank God for this!
  • Prayer for the opening of Connect, that teachers understand the importance of a different learning experience for the children that come to use the facilities.
  • Praise God for the success and continuation of Sunday School and the Youth Bible Study, that all age groups in the church are getting the teaching they need.
  • Prayer that we are able to find people within the church to take over and carry on the activities we have started.

If you have read this far in the blog, thank you! You obviously are keen to find out more, for our next blog we would love to answer any burning questions about our time so far in Uganda (food, projects, fun…). Please leave questions in the comments of this blog post so we can see them all in the same place!

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  1. Grace says:

    Thanks team, I hope you enjoy and are able to make the most of your final 5 weeks!
    My question is: Looking back on the last 5 months, what advice would you now give to anyone looking to engage in short-term overseas mission in the future (Uganda/Action Team specific if you like!)?

  2. Laura Wass says:

    So crazy this think you guys have only 5 weeks left!!! So pleased to hear that you are busy and loving Gulu life. Question: What’s the funniest thing that’s happens so far as a team? Any funny stories?
    If you could take any uganda food back to the uk what would you take with you?

  3. Rachel says:

    Great to read your blog. May God bless you all in your last few weeks and continue to use you as you follow Him. Praise God for the ex drug addict , we will pray the he grows in his new faith x

  4. Pat Grahammnn says:

    Soon you will be counting the days until you are coming home What. Are you going to miss most about Uganda Prayers have been answered in so many ways for the time you have spent together as a team in Gulu Good to see there were lots of fun times as well as profitable times Glod has used you as a team in so many different ways and has kept you all safe What an experience bringing someone to the Lord may he continue to grow in his faith each day Have you all the pressies bought for coming home !!!!!

  5. Karen Hogge says:

    We’re really glad to hear about all the great things that you’ve achieved, and pray that God will use you all mightily during your final few weeks in Uganda.

    Question: What is the most important thing that each of you have learned or experienced whilst living in Uganda, and how will you use this skill or knowledge once you return home?

  6. Rev Dr Andrew K Jones says:

    thanks again for a great and informative blog. We continue to praise God for the things he is teaching you and ways he is using you.We pray that your last few weeks will be a time of consolidation with opportunities to reflect on ‘what next’. Blessings to you and your families.
    all at Avenue Baptist

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