Hello! We are the Action Team going to Nepal this year and we’re so excited to join in with God’s mission in that part of the world. We only came together as a team at the beginning of the month, but having lived in each other’s pockets since then, and having laughed our way through Min y Don (more on that later!), we’re ready to introduce each other!

In the beginning, there were the three R’s.


5 things we have learnt about Rebekah:

  • Rebekah lives in Nottingham, has just finished her A-levels, and plans to become a primary school teacher.
  • She loves drawing up rotas and making lists – which is why she is the team’s practicalities coordinator.
  • Rebekah travelled around China, where her parents worked as missionaries, at the age of 15 months. She loves Chinese food and has already introduced the rest of the team to the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham and a world of dubious hygiene ratings! She calls it ‘authentic’.
  • She is an optimist, with an uncanny ability to find activities that really shouldn’t be fun, fun nonetheless – like getting wet, muddy and cold in the middle of the night (Min y Don again).
  • She has felt called to go to Nepal since she was about ten, so we’re blessed to have her coming with us!

5 things we have learnt about Rachel N. (who will not answer to ‘Rach’):

  • Rachel comes from Bearsden, Glasgow, and has just left school. She wants to study architecture at university after Action Teams.
  • She is going to be the finance coordinator, because nobody else wanted to do it – thanks Rachel!
  • She has an awesome sense of humour, often having us falling about with laughter.
  • Since she lived in Mumbai until she was ten, Rachel speaks a little Hindi…which is a language not dissimilar to Nepali…which is handy for the rest of us!
  • She has an unnatural obsession with crab fishing, and spent most of her days at Min y Don asking to be provided with some dead squid to use as bait.

5 things we have learnt about Rachel P. (who will answer to ‘Rach’):

  • Rachel is the oldest member of our team (she’s 21). She has just finished studying geography at Oxford, and is excited to serve God during this post-uni year.
  • As she has already written her dissertation, Rachel is the team’s writing coordinator – meaning that she’s responsible for this blog…
  • She loves gardening and is hoping to grow her own window box garden in our Nepalese flat. Not sure what the neighbours will think, but she hopes to start a trend.
  • She often uses words that the rest of the team have never heard of. We wouldn’t be surprised if, in her spare time at Oxford, she studied (or swallowed) the Oxford English Dictionary!
  • She is constantly on the lookout for a tennis court and even brought her racket with her to training. So far, she has yet to find someone or somewhere to play but hopes to have more success in Nepal.

Eating Chinese – complete with dead cockroach – in Birmingham.

At present, Team Nepal are based at BMS’ International Mission Centre in Birmingham with members of the four other Action Teams being sent out this year. We’re receiving training on topics such as mission and evangelism, staying healthy overseas, and Nepalese culture.

We have also spent a very enjoyable weekend at our training church – Castle Hill Baptist Church in Warwick – and look forward to leading a service there (eek!) later in the month.

Finally, we have just returned from Min y Don Christian Adventure Centre in North Wales, which receives Action Teamers each year for team-building activities and challenges. We want to thank Chris and Joy, our very own Min y Don instructors, for helping us to learn about how, with God’s help, the three of us can make a really great team.

So that’s us, and the first two weeks of training. Here’s to the next two – we hope to post again soon!

Rachel, Rachel and Rebekah.


Prayer requests:

  • That we would continue to be equipped for the work that God has planned for us in Nepal.
  • For sleep and energy after the week at Min y Don.
  • That God would guide us in the planning for our morning service at Castle Hill.
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  1. Matthew Brown says:

    Hi guys,

    It’s Matthew Brown here from Team Peru. I almost missed your blog because it didn’t show up on the homepage for me, the only blog there was Uganda’s blog, but thank goodness I clicked on the little Nepal word at the top or I never would have seen it. It’s interesting Rachel likes playing tennis because on New Year’s Eve I have booked a holiday with some of my friends for a few days to Dartmoor and there will be a tennis court there so I’ve been thinking about ordering some new shin pads and a mouth guard and giving it a go. My mum said she wouldn’t blame me if I never played tennis again after what happened last time and my dad was there when she said that and he just started to cry and cry, but mum said just ignore him which I was able to because he does it every time he takes me to my swimming lesson.

    I hope you have noticed my friend Becky Richards who is staying with you at IMC. She is hoping that she will be able to go to Nepal as the fourth member of the team, but Ben said that going twice is frowned upon and when he said that Becky’s eyes just turned black and her breathing got heavier and Ben saw a metal glint in her hand out of the corner of his eye and then Nicky said maybe it would be better if we discuss this later and all go and have one of Kat’s special sausages now.

    I have lots more to write but I do have other things to be getting on with guys.

    Kind regards

    Matthew Brown
    Team Peru
    Finance co-ordinator

    • Rachel says:

      Hello Matthew. It is a pleasure to meet you virtually. What a top drawer comment. Yes, we love tennis. But unfortunately we have to play rounders and learn how to be crafty. If you want something to teach your colleagues we can show you our craft of the entire bible. By the way- today s gonna be a good day and ain’t no body gonna die today. Although unfortunately Becky almost did after her encounter with Ben when she was told she couldn’t join our team. Even worse, the sausages weren’t there to console her. She is currently recovering in our room with orange and tarragon water. We look forward to getting to know you better over the year? By the way-was finance coordinator a good job? Because we think you would have been better suited to spiritual life coordinater. Yours in Christ- team Nepal.

  2. Val Dufour says:

    Dear Rachel, Rachel, & Rebekah, (Team Nepal)
    I am so jealous that you are going to Nepal. I loved it there when I went with Tearfund a few years ago. Such a vibrant and colourful place but so poor too – so it is good the you are going to learn and help out. I pray God will bless you and that you will really enjoy being together. Do you know whereabouts in Nepal you will be based, or will you be travelling? Every blessing for your travels. And I look forward to your next instalment.

  3. Fiona Macdonald says:

    Dear Rachel, Rebekah and Rachel
    I am feeling slightly intimidated by the literary prowess of the comments above. They have set the level high – paragraphs and everything.
    This is a very informative and entertaining blog, and I look forward to reading more. God bless you all! Fiona x

  4. Sheila Churchward says:

    Hi Rach, lovely to hear from you & meet the gang.
    I tried to be first to reply but it wouldn’t send. I wanted to encourage you all with some pithy quote
    about not needing to ” do great things for God, but only learn to trust in our great God”… if anyone knows it they might fill in the gaps. Love to you all. Xx

  5. Felicity says:

    I think you are all fantastic and really ask God to bless your time in Nepal. I pray for the work you are doing, and for good health and spirits for you all! Loads of love Felicity xx

  6. Suzie says:

    Hi Rebekah, I can sense the energy from you all ready to go. I am glad you are having so much fun along the way, too. Enjoy what ever you do. Lots of Love from Suzie

  7. Mary Sim says:

    Hi Rach, It’s taken me about half an hour to work out how to find this blog but now I’ve got it I can bookmark it so I don’t have this performance every time!! Really looking forward to hearing how you are and what you’re doing. Our love and prayers, Ian and Mary

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