Oh, We Do Like To Be By The Seaside!

The first two weeks of the Team Uganda tour have been nothing but lovely, both along the beautiful English coastline, to places none of us have ever been to before. We have already thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful new people and taking part in the life of different churches and the activities they run. Before we update you on exactly what we have been up to, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the members of both churches who made our stay in each location better than we could’ve hoped for!

Week One was spent at Victoria Baptist Church in Eastbourne where we spoke in various groups from the youngest, in ‘Vicky Bees’ toddlers club, to the most mature, in CAMEO and the Women’s fellowship. We also lead Kids Club and Youth Group and hung out with some guys at Boys Brigade, talking them about our experiences in Uganda and answering their interesting questions! We spoke in 5 assemblies, at 3 different primary schools which was a really great opportunity for us to subtly tell the children about the love of God for them, also emphasizing the differences between life in England and Uganda to show how grateful we should be of all of the luxuries we have.

During our time off throughout the week we were able to explore the local area a bit, spending some time on the beach, the pier, the marina and also took some coastal walks around Eastbourne and surrounding areas!

Our second week, was spent at St Peter’s Baptist Church in Broadstairs, here we also had the opportunity to be involved in a few primary school assemblies as well as a couple of secondary school RE lessons which were insightful and brought back the happy memories of secondary school life… at St Peters they have two social groups for members of the community with additional needs. They are both great schemes and we really enjoyed getting involved – we even got to teach them some Acholi Dance! We were asked to lead the Sunday morning service which was on the theme of ‘stepping out of the boat’, somehow we got away with making the congregation dance to “Rock the Boat”!

Our time off in Broadstairs was also spent primarily at the beach, as the weather was so lovely it would have been a huge missed opportunity. Although our childish sides came out which meant we ended up being soggy and sandy, but very happy! We managed to spend some time in Sandwich and coincidentally they were having a 40s themed bank holiday celebration which we were only too happy to join in with (simultaneously celebrating James’ birthday!).

Prayer and Praise Points:

  • Pray for the works of Victoria and St Peter’s Baptist Churches, and thank God to for the blessing they have been for us and will be for so many people.
  • Praise that we have had wonderfully hospitable hosts who opened their homes to us, making us feel so comfortable and welcome.
  • Pray for the energy levels of the team. We knew tour would be tiring, but pray that we are able to get enough rest when the opportunity arises.
  • Praise that the weather has turned and meant that we could get out and properly appreciate the beautiful places that we have been staying!
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  1. Karen Hogge says:

    It’s great to hear about all the wonderful things you’ve been up to. It certainly looks like you’ve all been having fun too! Looking forward to seeing you all in June. Karen x

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