The Mozambique Action Team have officially survived their first 2 weeks of training – including an intense 4 days in the Welsh countryside filled with everything from hiking up the hills surrounding the Cadair Mountain Range to touching bare feet whilst blind-folded (don’t ask). Whilst our time here so far has flown by, it has been filled with cultural sessions, bible studies, team prayers and even street evangelism!

Before we get any further however, let us introduce ourselves.

Hi, I’m Ellie from Bedford. I am 18 years old, and I love ballet, music and sleeping (a lot.) I have just finished my A levels and I’m looking forward to the year ahead and all the different and new experiences!

Hello – I’m Iain from a small village in the north of Scotland called Drumnadrochit, on the banks of Loch Ness. I really enjoy playing sport, especially football, and being creative. I recently just finished my sixth year at high school and I am really looking forward to how God will use me and help me grow through this time serving him in Mozambique!

Hello there! My name is Rhiannon and I am also from the north east of Scotland – a little town called Lossiemouth (known for it’s beautiful beaches which my team regularly hear about!) I’m 17 years old, and passionate about music and sharing God’s love. Over the next year I’m really looking forward to how God is going to use us as a team and I can’t wait to see the beach at Beira!

Life at IMC has been filled with lots of great company and friendships, and lots of cups of tea which has proved to be a fundamental bonding point! The lively atmosphere and the business keeps us on our toes and excited for what’s coming next, but also really makes us value the quiet times we spend praying on our own or in teams where we can rest in God’s presence and be refuelled for the days that lie ahead.

One of the first team bonding exercises actually turned out to be our first answered team prayer, so team Mozambique headed off to Cadbury World Café (with a very excited Rhiannon) after praying about it that morning in team prayer time. Lots of chocolate was consumed and we are now slowly but surely making our way through a box of 60 fudges which should be no challenge for Iain as the rest of the team are amazed regularly by how much food he can consume. (Seriously, it’s impressive.)

We spent our first weekend at our training church New Life Baptist where we were involved in a selection of ministries they run including the Boys Brigade, Healing on The Streets and their Sunday morning prayer breakfast. We were so overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Minister David and his family, and also by how welcomed we felt by the whole church and those who we met and volunteered with. ‘Healing on The Streets’ was a first time for all three of us regarding street evangelism but we came out of it feeling so blessed and humbled by those we had met and prayed with, and the stories we heard from the volunteers who have been doing it for 10 years were just incredible! It gave us great experience and confidence in this ministry, which proved useful when we took to the busy streets of Birmingham to share God’s amazing love with those we passed.

The session led by Chris Duffet pushed us out of our comfort zones as we gave out flowers to bless people and brighten their day (yellow roses were the flower of choice.) We then split off into groups and took part in giving free hugs and chatting to those who were curious as to why we were there and we were still being encouraged by others including a man who stopped to give a bouquet of flowers to us as he really admired what we were doing! Another group took a stone to trade up for something bigger that would bless someone else, the results were a coffee, some chocolate and prayer for a lovely couple we passed. The last group did some ‘treasure hunting’ and prayed for God to lead them to someone in particular which was also very successful. It was an emotional day but full of encouragement, blessings and an overwhelming sense of God’s love and peace as he calmed any anxieties we had about going out.

Oh and how could we forget? Min Y Don. On our second week we ventured out to the welsh coast unsure of what lay ahead as it’s an action team tradition to keep everything very ‘hush hush’ so unfortunately that’s pretty much all we can say! But despite the challenges we faced we kept our team spirit high and felt so encouraged by our amazing leaders Harry and Amelia, thanks for all you taught us and the fun you brought to our team!

Prayer Points:

  • That we enjoy and continue to learn more during our last two weeks at IMC.
  • That we continue to bond as a team as we prepare to head out and feel a real sense of God’s presence.
  • For our time out our training church, that we can learn from them and get stuck in there.