Tears and Touching Goodbyes!

We safely arrived back home last Monday after a very hectic week full of emotional goodbyes. Our time in Mozambique flew by but we are so grateful for every day we got to spend there, and for all the people who made our time so enjoyable.

We want to say a big big thank you to our fantastic supervisors Liz and Sergio who let us live in their home. We are so thankful for their hospitality and for all the fun and laughs they gave us. We will miss them and Chloe and Joshua (and we will even miss Sergio’s pranks like tricking Rhiannon into thinking the boot was open and locking her out of the car in a torrential rainstorm, and outting Joshua’s used nappy under Iain’s pillow..) and we continue to pray for the work they are doing in Beira with the Pepe’s and with the Baptist Convention.

Liz, Sergio, Chloe and Joshua on Chloe’s 5th birthday.

We also said goodbye to our very good friends and BMS workers Damian, Annet and their daughter Patience, and to Jane who lived in the house behind us. We got to play games with them every week and share in food, fellowship and lots of funny stories. We pray for their work with AMAC and that they are continually encouraged in the work they do in Beira.

After our last church service with Jane. She also stayed to help us finish packing and sort out food ect, thank you Jane!

At the airport with Damian and Patience

Saying goodbye to Wagna and Jean’s church was very emotional. We got to spend our Saturday with them at their Dondo project where they led games, bible stories and worship songs for 300 children which was amazing to see! We went along to finish painting two big trees in the school and got to play games with the homework club again and say goodbye to the children and teachers which was lovely. We had a big football match at the beach too and sung worship songs and had a very teary final goodbye. They have all become some of our best friends in Mozmabique and we will really miss them.

The homework club!




Our last day at the beach.

The Vilela’s threw a leaving party for us with all our english club children and parents who we spent Christmas and New Years with. We had lots of food and it was great to see everyone before we left.





Saying goodbye to our english club felt very strange as they came to our house twice a week to learn english and play games and we really enjoyed the time we spent with all of them! The craziest and most fun bunch of children you could ever meet.



Our last english club

We were very sad to leave the two PEPE pre-schools we helped in and Escola Reis Dos Reis which had over 2000 pupils from primary and secondary school ages. In the PEPE’s we helped lead games and control the class, and in Reis Dos Reis (which means King of Kings) we helped teach english, physical education and ICT and lead bible studies in our last few weeks. We are so grateful to all of these schools for how welcoming they were and for letting us be a part of them for the past 6 months.

With the director Alford and Graca, the head of the younger school. Thank you for all your help!

The children of Reis Dos Reis

Whilst we are extremely sad to be leaving, we are so thankful for the fact we have been able to live here for the past 6 months and be part of these incredible people’s lives. We have seen God work in amazing ways and we know he will continue to change the lives of the Mozambicans through his people he has called there. Mozambique will forever have a special place in our hearts and will always be in our prayers.

Prayer Points:

As we are back in the UK we can adapt to live here and really reflect on our time in Mozambique, and that as we prepare for tour that we can convey the message of how God is working in Mozambique and our experiences there.

Thankfulness and praise to God for keeping us safe during our time in Beira.

For the BMS Workers Liz, Sergio, Jane, Damian and Annet in Beira and for the work they do, that God blesses them and continues using them to change the lives of the people of Mozambique by showing them God’s love and teaching them about his word.