The first introduction: Team Uganda

Just two weeks into Action Teams and it feels like we’ve been together for a lifetime *insert cheesy High School Musical quote here*. Many inside jokes have already been created, and we are anxiously/excitedly anticipating our “team building week” at Min-y-don. [Update: we learnt that words have power and actions have consequences]!

We were sent to the ThinkTank Science Museum in Birmingham to bond as a team and discovered that the Under 5’s section was much more interesting than the majority of the exhibitions.

We had so much fun at our training church, Shirley Baptist Church, taking part in various activities with the two youth groups and attending an incredibly special baptism service. It was great fun also to be able to explore Stratford-upon-Avon with Paul and Frances, the minister at Shirley and his wife. A huge thank you to our hosts; Bill and Ann, and Jonathan and Barbara for making us feel so welcome, also to Martin and Jacquie for the fun game of bowling!

Joe (the sarcastic one)

Joe is 18 and from South London. He is grateful for his wonderful roommate James with his perfectly odd sleeping habits *insert sarcastic tone here*. He has formed a strong attachment with his top bunk (‘Mum, I’d like one for my room at home please!’).

Liv (the giggly one)

Olivia is 18 years of age, she originates from the ever-so-classy, far-distant, exotic land of Essex (#gemmacollins). She is thankful and amazed how the cohort of Action Teamers 2017/18 has bonded so quickly!

Kirsty (the emotional one)

Kirsty is 18, she heralds from Harrow (not the posh part), in North West London. She is amazed and grateful for the support from friends and family to get to training and also to the BMS and IMC staff members.

James (the clumsy one)

James is 18 and from Anahilt, a small village in County Down, Northern Ireland. As the only Northern (Ireland)er, the rest of the team feel that he has an outsider’s point of view (quite literally). He is surprised how good the food is here at IMC!… After only eating potatoes for 18 years!

Our honorary fifth member, Timmy

Timmy joined us at Min-y-don and guided the way when we were struggling. He acted as team mascot and along with Joe no.2 and Jake (our leaders), kept team moral up through the challenges (which we can’t go into detail about in case future Action Teamers are reading – be very afraid)!

Team Uganda want to thank everyone we have met so far, and pray God’s blessing over you, as you have blessed us more than you know.

Prayer Points:

Bonding – Thanks that we have managed to gel together so far, and pray that we continue to get to know each other further and learn to rely on each other.

Energy – pray that although the days are long and intense, God strengthens us individually and as a team, so we are able to enjoy and value the experience as much as possible.

Training church – pray for Shirley Baptist Church, in particular the work of Kairos Coffee and Youth Club, that the bridge from the community to the church is strengthened and this is evident on Sunday mornings as the church gathers together in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Richard Smith says:

    Wow! What an intense first couple of weeks. So great to hear how God is blessing you all as you learn and (already) serve together. Looking forward to future instalments. God bless you as you complete your training.

  2. Matthew Brown says:


    It’s Matthew Brown here from Team Peru. I can’t believe I’ve finally built up the courage to reply to your blog, when I first read it I thought no I’ll never be able to comment on that but here I am writing away, heart beating in my throat and a cold smile on my face. I really want to introduce myself because I’ve been trying to start my own blog but I haven’t got any followers and you guys already have three followers. If you could tell me how you got Janet Michael and Richard Smith to follow you I would really appreciate it because it’s a tough world out there and I’m too old to go on Action Teams again but luckily I have sent Becky Richards my Peru team mate to just tell you all about my blog. Anyway I hope you are having fun at training, I remember when I was training hahahaha all the things I thought about while I was lying in my bed and all the times I wrote in my journal during the day while everyone else was downstairs. Well my name is Matthew Brown and I am from Northern Ireland as well James. But I don’t live there anymore, I am living in Bristol where I have just got a new wife and a new job and basically it’s all about teaching my new colleagues and my new boss how to use a special way of using the computer called Agile, I’m really excited to tell them everything I know. You know it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be at my last job in Newbury and in a way I am glad I did what I did to all my colleagues there because really they did deserve it.

    I can’t believe that you’re going to Uganda and I can’t wait to tell all my new friends at work that you’re going there, they won’t believe it when I tell them.

    I’m really sorry but I have to go now because my cat’s escaped out of the window and I live on the third floor.

    Kind regards

    Matthew Brown
    Team Peru 2015/16
    Finance Co-ordinator

  3. Wendy Picton says:

    Glad to see you’re still smiling after the first few weeks… God bless you all… Always walk close to Him… and he’ll always be close to you. Colossians 1v9-11

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