The Sun is always shining in Scotland!

Tour has been an incredible experience so far, and we have been blessed with 5 weeks of beautiful sunshine so far which has been brilliant!

Going on tour for all of us was quite daunting at first. The idea of going to 8 different churches to share and get involved for a week, doing all kinds of activities such as prayer meetings, schools work, sunday schools and whole church services was something we all found quite overwhelming. But after lots of prayer and prep we began tour and have been loving it ever since. As part of our prep we were sent back to our training church, New Life Baptist, and were able to be reunited with them and share what we had learned and experienced in Mozambique.

We started tour with an 8 hour train journey from Birmingham (our training centre) up to Dundee, on the east coast of Scotland. We got to spend a lot of time with the youth there and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with them and share fellowship with Gary, Ali, Bethany and Hannah who organised a lot of what we were doing. As our first week we learned a lot from sharing at the high and primary schools, but we also learned during a meal that Iain doesn’t have a tolerance to spice after he tried to challenge Rhiannon to eat a chilli and he ended up hiccupping and going very red – almost as red as the chilli.

Broughty Ferry beach!

We were very sad to be leaving as we made some great friends but we are really looking forward to going back in October to meet with the youth!

Exploring Dundee with Bethany (wow)

“We may be sat on a cannon but Rhiannon is the only rocket in this team” – Iain Murchison

We then travelled the short distance over to Bridge of Don where we were met by one of the pastors Jarrod who provided us with many laughs and funny stories over the week. We never expected to be in tears laughing around the dinner table but it was great getting to know him and the family over the week. We also spent a lot of time with Andy and Laura, the other pastor and his wife and their daughter Esther as they were hosting Ellie and Rhiannon. We helped in their messy church doing crafts and sharing about The Lord’s Prayer which was very encouraging to us and was great fun to be a part of.

Colouring in the parts of the prayer.

In the Sunday morning service we got to introduce the church to some Mozambican culture by getting everyone to shake hands and welcome each other during the worship like we would at our church in Mozambique.

After only a 10 minute car journey across Aberdeen we arrived at Crown Terrace Baptist Church. We met some incredible people here and got to be involved in their soup and sandwich for the homeless in the area which they have ran for a number of years. We shared in the Sunday service and also taught our favourite song from Mozambique which meant we got to see some quality dance moves – the Mozambicans would have been proud! One of our highlights was leading a prayer meeting about the power of prayer and how we experienced this in Mozambique, and how no matter what the size of the problem nothing is too big or small for God. We met some lovely friends their including a lady called Sadie who had the most hilarious and crazy life stories, and a man called Ben who was very up for learning some Mozambican dancing!

With Ben after the sunday service!

It was then a quick train journey to Rhiannon’s home church in Lossiemouth. We got to meet all of Rhiannon’s family and friends and see the beaches which she always raves about!

Iain and Ellie experiencing Costa Del Lossie

We went into her old primary school and high school, and got to share with her church and lead the youth! We got to spend a lot of time with them having campfires and we even went to see Rend Collective with them which was great fun!

After Rend Collective!

On our day we went exploring Randolph’s Leap with Matt and Ruth and had a campfire in the evening with lots of singing and smores with the youth!

Our last stop before mid-tour break was Drumnadrochit. We loved meeting all of Iains family and getting to spend time exploring the highlands with Iain’s brother!

At the airport with Iain’s brother and sister!

At the church we led a prayer meeting which we really enjoyed and took part in the Sunday service which was great to be able to share with Iain’ church what he had been up to. We also went into one of the local primary schools to lead an assembly and we spent a day with in an outdoor centre with some of Iain’s old school. Our canoeing skills were put to the test and we were so grateful for our experience at Min Y Don!

We loved getting to explore and see Glen Affric and the highest waterfall in Scotland.

We have loved tour so far and are so grateful for all the hospitality we have been shown and for those who have opened their homes to us!

Prayer Points:

  • Praise for all the opportunities we have been given to talk about Mozambique and share with different groups.
  • Thankfulness for all the hospitality we have been shown and how welcome we have felt at every church
  • Prayer for energy through the last few weeks of tour.
  • That God would use us for his purpose and his glory over this time.


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  1. Grace says:

    Clearly Scotland is the place to be! Enjoy the last 3 weeks before we see you again at IMC!

    • Iain's mother says:

      It was a pleasure to have the team in Iain’s home village. Hope the English part of your tour was just as much a blessing to you all.

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