We Bought a Goat?!

Apologies for reposting, this blog was accidentally deleted.


We have now finished all of the reading tests for the Gulu Primary Schools – thanks for all of your prayers! All schools have now finished for this academic year in preparation for dry season, so our work with primary schools is on pause. The secondary schools don’t return to their studies until mid-March, so we are starting a bible study at church twice a week aimed at these students (aged 13-18). On top of this, we are starting an English class for members of the congregation who want to improve their English, we’re also holding this class twice a week. This is going to require a lot of planning which we haven’t yet had to make time for.

During our first week of these sessions, the people who had signed up for the English class didn’t turn up, meaning that our days went slightly less according to plan. In contrast, we had a fairly good turn-out for the youth bible study, although some people didn’t quite fit into the age category we suggested.

On one hot Saturday morning, we went round to our supervisors’ home school, the Globetrotters School, which currently has 12 pupils. Along with some of the parents we helped to build a climbing frame swing set and a new fence. This was a welcome change from planning, although it wasn’t anything like DIY we experienced at home… so… hot!

Thank you all for your prayers in regards to Sunday School! Since we last updated you, we have spilt the children into two age groups – Olivia and Kirsty are teaching the Under 7s, while Joseph and James teach 7s and over. We found that the children engage so much better when we’re able to talk to them all according to their ages (previously we had children ranging in age from 1 to 13!). We feel so encouraged that it is running much more smoothly and we really feel like we are having much more of an active role in teaching our ‘Little Angels’!

The walk to church on a Sunday morning helps us to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation afresh each week. It is such a pleasant change to constantly rushing around on our bikes throughout the week, and it’s so picturesque! Another occasion on which we were appreciating the beautiful world we live in was when Kirsty and Olivia woke up at 5:30am to watch the sunrise… It was so worth it!  (We couldn’t narrow down the photos, so scroll down for more!).

You may be wondering about the title of this blog. We did in fact buy a goat. Her name is Christina. Christina the Goat was a valued member of our family… for about a week. We love her very very much but sadly we are not allowed animals in our compound, so she has now gone to live with Pastor Jimmy at church, and we hope she will be very happy there. We are thankful that our projects are now based at the church and that we have full visitation rights!

Prayer and Praise Points:

  • Prayer for our new projects, that the numbers keep increasing and for us as we lead, that we are directed by God so that everyone gets the most out of them.
  • Praise God for Globetrotters School! We give thanks for the children attending and for those on the waiting list, pray for the planning of an additional building to accommodate them.
  • Praise for answer to prayer! Particularly about Sunday School as we are now taking much more of a lead in the organising and teaching.
  • Prayer for the run up to Christmas, that even though it will be different, we appreciate and enjoy it.
  • Additional Prayer Point for James and Olivia who have both submitted UCAS applications for university next year, please pray that things go smoothly and they both have peace of mind.