We’re going on a yeti hunt!

Hello all! In a very busy last two weeks, we have enjoyed helping at a holiday camp being run by Baal Bagaan Preschool over Nepali schools’ winter break. This was rather sprung on us, in true Nepali style, but we whipped the parachute out and got overly excited about playing parachute games that we remember from our primary school days! We really appreciated the chance to get to know (and talk in English too) some slightly older Nepali children, with whom we tried out an origami kit brought with us from the UK. Their commitment to deciphering some of the most dense instructions in the book was admirable, and far greater than our own! We have also led some craft sessions with each of our ABBS classes, and are learning how some of the most simple things, as they seem to us, are a blessing to the children and teachers there.

We finally got the parachute out!

The most inadvertent photobomb!

Meanwhile, we have been rather preoccupied with preparing for our holiday. Needless to say, packing all that three people would like to do on holiday in Nepal, into 9 days, isn’t easy. The fact that it takes hours to cover comparatively short distances on Nepali roads (and there are no trains) doesn’t help! But things have fallen into place, and now we’re looking forward to a few days safari in the south of Nepal (Chitwan district), followed by a five-day trek in the Annapurna Himalayas. It’s so exciting… and also quite a large undertaking for the three of us, so we wanted to share some specific prayer requests.

  • Please pray for good health and fitness throughout our holiday. Pray particularly that Rebekah’s knee would hold up.
  • Pray for safety as we travel and do all the activities we have planned. Please pray that we would get on well with our trekking guide, and that we would feel safe under his guidance.
  • Pray that, in the glory of God’s creation, we would draw close to Him.

Following our trek, we will travel on to Lamjung district, where BMS’ Simon and Wendy Hall are living and working. We are going to be working in the local school, helping to teach English… and possibly other subjects as well… we’ve been told to expect to be thrown in the deep end! So please pray that God would equip us to do all that is asked of us, so that we may bless the children in Lamjung.

Finally, as we are going away from Kathmandu for the remainder of January, we thought we would ask for prayer for some of those we are leaving behind for a while. Please pray for God’s blessing over these friends and neighbours.

  • Samarpan. This is a little boy in Rach’s ABBS class who is suffering from leukaemia and undergoing a month-long course of treatment at hospital.
  • Laxmi is our house helper. We value the work she does for us so much – we wouldn’t be without her! She is not a Christian.
  • Mission families in Kathmandu. The Douglases, Parnells, Drews (BMS) and Chinnerys are all moving house within the next month, to be nearer the new site of KISC. Their hospitality has been crucial to making us feel at home during the first 3 months.

Sorry for the small number of photos in this blog post – we’re having trouble with our internet connection. But just wait for the photos of our travels, which you’ll see in a few weeks! ‘Til then…

Toucan or Water Slug?




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  1. Alison says:

    Hi girls! Well done and Thankyou for getting this out to us before you leave. I sense a huge wave of prayer lift ed up for you as you begin your holiday. God bless you. We just can’t wait to hear all about it and see more of your beautiful photos. Lots of love xxx

  2. Grace says:

    Great to hear from you again and I hope that you’re enjoying the team holiday so far. I’m looking forward to the pictures!

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