We’re in Africa?!

How do we even begin to describe our first week in Mozambique? For anyone who doesn’t know – we’re officially in Africa! We arrived safetly last friday without any real problems which was an answered prayer. This week has been a whirlwhind of excitement, first time experiences, living with the Vilela’s and lots of introductions. We are so thankful to be staying with our wonderful supervisors Liz and Sergio, and their two bundles of joy – Chloe and Joshua who are so much fun to live with.

A very excited team at Heathrow ready to fly!

A lot of our free time has been spent at the beautiful beach which we are so fortunate is right on our doorstep. On our first night here we got to see the sunset and play at the beach park (we are called to be like children!) which was a great way to introduce us to the area. Playing football on the packed beach was also a great afternoon – despite a language barrier some locals still came to join!

Our first night in Beira!

How blessed are we to have this as our view?

We also realised how big the waves can be here and how quick they can come in after trying to get a team selfie…

Its not ‘Action Teams’ without an action shot.. right?

Our first week of orientation has made us so excited to get stuck into the projects we will be involved with, including a homework club, a PEPE school and teaching english to children and adults! (More about all these to come – keep an eye out!) We have loved getting to explore Beira and getting immersed into the culture, including trying chapa’s for the first time! It was an interesting experience to say the least, very different to public transport in the UK but fun none the less! Chapas are small mini-buses which *should* seat around 11 or 12 people if you are very closely packed, but we found it was more like 20 with people standing up and crouching in any available space – and also occasionally a goat on the top. Nonetheless we love using them as our way of transport as they are so important for getting around the area.

Exploring Beira! The canoe reminded us a lot of Min Y Don..

On Sunday we had our first experience of an african church and we were amazed at all the beautiful singing and dancing, and how lively it was. We felt so welcome as in the church they shake hands with you many times at different points and say hello to everyone.

We are loving getting to know Mozambique and meet more people, and we can’t wait to get stuck into the projects here.

Prayer Points

  • For language learning as we have begun our lessons, so that we can communicate well with those we meet
  • For energy and wisdom as we begin our projects, and that we continue to settle in well
  • For Liz and Sergio, our amazing supervisors who now have 3 teenagers living with them!
  • Thankfulness for safe travels and answered prayers, and the beautiful country we now call home for 6 months.

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  1. Team Uganda says:

    so great to hear from you! we’re very excited to see what you guys get up to, we’ll always be praying! lots of love, team uganda xxx

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