10 Top Tips for Tour

1. Ask where everything is! Finding your way round someone else’s house is tricky, particularly if you have to do it 8 times. Ask early on to save hassle.
2. Take time to relax and see the local sites! Even better if you go round with your hosts and get to know them better.







3. Spend time with your team. Tour can be a hectic time and it’s important to check in regularly with your teammates.
4. Spend time with God. Psalms 62.1
5. Don’t over pack because you’ll receive gifts and then your luggage will get even more heavy. You might not even have space for them which is sad.
6. Bring luggage with wheels because the walk to Wallis House is long, and it will be easier to transport everywhere.
7. The easiest way to serve your hosts is by cleaning up (I.e your bedroom or the kitchen).
8. Get thank you cards! You can get a small pack for a pound and they’re a great way to show your hosts that you’re grateful.
9. Don’t make too many plans in your free time as a team because hosts/people from the church will sometimes have lots idea of where they want to take you out to.

10. Always be ready and willing to present, whether this be who you are or the BMS experience. You may turn up to events unaware you were meant to share anything. Always expect the unexpected!

– That Team France is energised for Tour
– That the team works together as a strong unit
– That Team France can bless the churches that they visit 

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  1. Peggy says:

    Well done teamfrance! You have learned so much!! On ne vous oublie pas, ici à Nice et on vous embrasse bien fort!

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