7 Things We Never Thought We’d Miss

Before coming to Peru, we knew that it would be inevitable that we would miss our families, friends and of course our beloved dogs! However, since being here we there have also been a few small, somewhat random things that we have missed and we thought we would share them with you!

1. Winter Clothing

We may not be missing the cold weather, but at times we have found ourselves missing our big winter scarfs and boots. So much so that last week we sat talking in detail about our winter scarf collections! The lack of cold weather has also contributed to the fact that it doesn’t feel quite like Christmas yet, but that didn’t stop us decorating our flat and host family’s house from floor to ceiling!

2. Toilet Paper

We’ve discovered that unlike the UK, toilet paper is not usually provided in public toilets and have some days made the awkward mistake of forgetting to put some in our bag before leaving the flat!

3. Carpet

This one was one we definitely didn’t expect to miss! Rooms don’t seem to be carpeted in Peru, but we did spy one at our supervisor’s house last week, when we were there enjoying some quality time and traditional Brazilian food (as our supervisor Regiane is Brazilian)!

4. Playing Piano

As Bethan and Marika are both piano players, they were missing having time to play their own pianos at home. However, when Hermana Debora, the headteacher at Bethel School, told us that we would perform some songs at the school’s Christmas recital, it gave them the perfect opportunity to play! As well as performing two songs of our own, we were very much involved in teaching some English carols to the students and even learnt some in Spanish too!

5. Vegetables

Personally, vegetables have definitely never been one of my favourite parts of a meal, and Peruvians don’t seem to be too keen on them either, so it has made me appreciate them in a whole new way!

6. Gravy & Custard

We don’t necessarily miss the combination of these two foods, but a massive thank you to Katie’s Mum for posting some custard powder – there was much rejoicing when it arrived!

7. Ovens

On one of our first days off, we were excited at the prospect of being able to cook a meal for ourselves. We decided that we would make our own pizzas, but when we went downstairs, holding our prepared pizzas, we discovered the oven was in fact used only as saucepan storage! We are so grateful for all the facilities we have, but the lack of an oven has become a source of great sadness as we are all keen bakers and would love to be able to bake and cook English food for the amazing people here. If anyone has any good microwave recipes, please send them our way!

Since our last blog, we have also spent time with the kindergarten at the school, telling them about the Christmas story and doing some crafts. We really enjoyed it, as it meant we spent our evenings making shepherds out of loo rolls (genuinely, we did enjoy it!) and spending time with some very cute children! As well as this we have had the chance to visit the other classes to lead devotions about the true Christmas message, which has been great!

We also visited the local hospital yesterday afternoon, where we sang some Christmas songs to the children and handed out balloons, as well as giving a short Christmas message to the families who were there. We found it both heart-warming and challenging to see some of the children, but enjoyed spreading some Christmas cheer and seeing lots of smiles!

Prayer points:

  • That we are not too homesick during the run up to Christmas and get stuck into the festivities.
  • That God continues to work in the lives of children, show them his love and give them time to reflect on what we have shared with them throughout their holiday.
  • That we get some rest after this week, as the past few weeks have been very busy.
Finally, for those who read our last blog and were curious which team won the Bethel Olympics, it turns out that the Olympics went on for another week! The Olympics eventually finished with a medal ceremony where it was announced that the Red Team had won, making Becky the only member of Team Peru with gold medal (despite not even competing!).


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  1. The Kings says:

    Hi Becky and girls. It is so lovely to hear about your Peruvian adventures – what an amazing time you are having and wonderful to hear how God is using your talents. Love the loo roll shepherds! Praying for you all this Christmas – that you have a restful time and cope well with being away from you families (and that your families cope without you!)

  2. Dawn and Peter Nicholson says:

    Hello Becky and the team.,
    So good to hear from you. I am reminded of kirsty on her year out in Mexico. She too missed the ovens and had to get used to meals being prepared very slowly. I suppose ovens in a hot country would not be so welcome there as an aga in a kitchen is here!
    May you all continue to enjoy these experiences you are sharing, and may the joy of the Christmas period keep you smiling throughout.

  3. Steph and Chris Rodger says:

    Hello Becky and the team. It was so interesting to read all about your experiences in Peru. Emily also remembers missing carpets and struggling to cook pizza and apple crumble because the oven had never been used. We do pray that you will have a restful and enjoyable Christmas. We hope that you will feel at home with your host family and team partners, even though you are a long way from your families.

  4. Esther says:

    CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE (Microwaveable)
    flour 4tbsp
    sugar 2tbsp
    milk 2 tbsp
    oil 2tbsp
    cocoa powder 2tbsp (or if you can’t get it, melt some chocolate I guess)
    – mix it in a mug and microwave for 2 mins

    • Team Peru says:

      Yes Esther you absolute queen thank you so much!! We will defo try them out, somehow shop brought cake isn’t quite the same, lots of love xxxx

  5. Elaine McKibben says:

    Awh girls – I love all those Christmas crafts you are doing with the children. Looks like you’ll be pros by the time you come home. We’ll be sure to give you a Messy Church to run when you come and visit us in Catterline!! Looks like God is teaching you lots of important things. Hold on to those truths. And may the truth that God became flesh and made his home with us, inspire you and fill you with joy this Christmas. God bless you all! Love Elaine and Byron.

  6. Paul Fisher says:

    Hi team Peru,
    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.
    Its been great to read your blog and catch up.
    Continue having a great time, with love and prayers from all at CBC.
    Paul and Debbie

  7. Everyone at Catshill Baptist Church says:

    To our team in Peru! Live from our Sunday service on the 23rd December, we want you to know that we are praying for you in our time together.

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