A Day in the Life

For this blog we thought we’d share our typical Saturday with you. Hope you enjoy!

8 AM: Breakfast

We start our day with breakfast in the outdoor roundhouse where we have all our meals. We’re very fortunate to have such a beautiful place to eat in, and it’s a chance to spend time together before the day starts.

9AM: Missionary Kids’ Club

Next is the club we run for missionary kids, most of whom are Brazilian, and that runs from 9 until 11. The club is started with some games all together like Jungle Speed (a regular favourite), Draughts (turns out the Brazilian rules are very different from the British ones) or Dobble. Afterwards, the kids are split into two groups. Rebekah and Andrew have a Bible story and crafts with the younger ones, while Alex and Jack do a Bible study and a discussion with the older group. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the kids better over the past few months and presenting the book of John in different ways. We’ve noticed a definite improvement in their English as well, which has been really encouraging.

11AM: Shopping

Straight after the kids’ club, two people go shopping for the week on a chapa while the other two start cooking lunch. We need to stock up on the essentials, such as baked beans and ice cream! Getting five or six heavy shopping bags on a txopela is an interesting experience every week, especially when the driver has to go over the enormous speed bumps.

Alex always gets her five a day

12/1PM: Lunch

Our main meal is at lunchtime, and we always look forward to it after our busy morning. It’s a good chance to catch up with Liz, Sergio and the kids and discuss plans for the afternoon. There’s also a good amount of banter, often at Alex’s expense but she dishes it back so it’s all good fun!

4PM: Young people’s church group

In the afternoon, we go to a group at our church for young people, which is a Bible study and sometimes a dance practice. Although it was challenging at the start because of the language, we feel we’re starting to understand more of the discussion. This week, we were spontaneously asked to lead a song, so we chose Good Good Father. Let’s just say we’re not the next Hillsong United… We’re definitely starting to build relationships with the young people, some of which is over our dodgy dance moves!

6PM: Dinner

On the way home from church, we buy bread rolls for dinner from a nearby hotel, and bananas and mangoes from street sellers.We’re gutted that our toaster broke last week, so now we can’t enjoy the delicacy of beans on toast. Convieniently, Liz always turns up at the point when we bring out our chocolate from the fridge.

7PM: Relax!

By 7 or 7.30pm, we’ve got time off. This is when we call our families, have team time or play a game. Recently, we’ve been picking one or two questions from an envelope during team time and talking about them, such as “How close does God feel and why?” and also “What’s something you’ve enjoyed or found hard this week?” This time is very valuable as it helps us to think about our relationships with God and each other as well as experiences that have challenged us during the week.


  • Our team holiday, which was planned to be in Zimbabwe, has now changed to South Africa, and we’re all really excited to have time to rest.

  • We’ve felt so much more involved these past two weeks, especially at the orphanage when we set up an assault course for the boys.

  • We’ve officially started our English club, and we’re delighted that eight people came.


  • For our busy new schedule when the schools and PEPEs start in February, in particular getting stuck into the PEPEs, which a new project for us.

  • That God will keep us safe on our travels to South Africa and we can spend more time reading His word.

  • That people at the English club will be committed to our lessons twice a week.



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  1. Nana Hirner says:

    What a difference to a Saturday in ! A bit of a lie in then shopping at Waitrose and coffee at Summerhill Garden Centre! A bit of housework and feeding chickens followed by a walk up to the pub for a quick drink before walking back to cook tea! Now a couple of hours watching TV!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying the weather as a bit miserable here? Thinking of you all with love Nana H xxxx

  2. Esther says:

    A really great idea for a blog, wish we’d had it first we’re all praying for you and hope everything turns out okay x Love from all of Team France

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