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Traveling, Trains and Togetherness

Living abroad you constantly experience new things. None more so than during the Christmas period where we celebrated and traveled round the Golden Triangle. We know its already February, but, better late than never! Christmas: We kicked off the Christmas celebrations with something we thought was quite familiar to us- carol singing. Of course the […]

Your Questions Answered…

Hi everyone,  A while ago now we reached out asking people to send us some questions they had for us. And so we sat down and got our thinking caps on to produce this blog for you all. Feel free to probe us with any more questions you have in the comment section!  1. What’s […]

Second Month In Delhi

What is mission? What is our purpose? These two questions have plagued us constantly over the last couple of weeks. Just when we think we’ve answered them everything seems to change and we feel as though we are back at square one. However, before we explain the challenges let us focus on the many joyous […]

First Month In Delhi

Delhi has been an absolute rollercoaster so far. From highs to lows to ‘we just don’t knows’ it’s safe to say God has put us on a wild ride. We apologise that this blog is so late. We only just got access to the website. We promise many more will follow in the near future […]

Meet the Delhi Gals!

Life at Wallis house is an experience unlike any other. The privilege of being surrounded by like-minded young Christians is indescribable. It has helped all three of us to grow in our faith, has allowed us to discover new talents and to become more confident in oursleves. That being said it hasn’t been without its […]