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Things We’ve Noticed in Delhi…

Delhi is a million miles away from home in many ways. So, we’ve put together a list of things that have taken us by surprise, from the national anthem to cows and Mormons, we have truly seen it all.   Security. This is actually a good thing. They go all out with security in Delhi. […]

Jai Mesih Ki

Or in other words, praise the Lord.   Time spent this past week worshiping God in another language was at many times challenging. However, the joys far outweighed the challenges. It was so refreshing for us to see a group of young Indians praising Jesus. Okay, I should probably give you all a little bit […]

Near Death Experiences All Round*

*Title may be slightly exaggerated.   Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Therefore, BMS tell us that it is a matter of urgency that we get our carbon monoxide alarms up as soon as we can. So, team Delhi did exactly this. Much to our distress the alarm started going off immediately. Amy’s solution to […]

Spilling the Tea on Training!

Training. You could say we found it… interesting. Upon arrival at the IMC, we found that one member of the team was AWOL. For those of you who are familiar with the team, you may have already guessed that it was Amy. So, while the rest of the team was slaving away, Amy was enjoying […]

Meet the Delightful Team Delhi!

I welcome you to team Delhi’s inaugural blog post. Before we dish the details of training, we though it best to introduce ourselves.   Hi, I’m Orla. I’m 18 and I live near Bristol with my parents, 3 sisters and our dog. I am doing Action Teams because I really want to explore and be […]

Meet the Team!

Welcome to Team France’s blog! Esther is from Folkestone, Kent and has been a Christian  for most of her life. Esther has a passion for music and has led her church choir at home for over a year. She also plays piano and will go on to study Music at Goldsmiths after her Action Year […]