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  December has been our busiest month by far. We have so many events in a short space of time, and it’s a challenge. On top of our usual English clubs, we’re now switching to a Christmas theme and hope to have Christmas parties at the end of the month. We’ve also been planning a […]

EXPOSED: Team France Q&A

You had questions; Team France answered them. What’s the experience in France like so far? We’ve been loving it. The language, the atmosphere and the people are all lovely. Despite early apprehensions, I’m really enjoying being in France- Caitlin Most embarrassing moment so far? Too many to count, honestly. The most embarrassing moment was probably […]

Lost In Translation: Esther’s Blog

As a person who got CDD for their A Levels, I was apprehensive about learning French. I only ever got a C for my French GCSE and confidently told everyone at home that I spoke ‘schoolgirl French’. As for the team, it was clear that Jonny spoke the best French, while me, Tafadzwa and Caitlin […]

Isla: The Life of an Action Team Dog

     Hello! I’m Isla. I’m originally from Scotland but I now live in France with Christine. Because I am not very good at typing (I don’t have opposable thumbs), Esther is helping me type out my story. I also told her to include some of my favourite photos in this week’s blog. I will […]

Do French People Wear Stripes? 12 Expecations for France

Expectation: In France, they have cheese with every meal. Reality: After a main meal, there’s a selection of cheeses, fruit and yoghurts. In France pudding isn’t really a thing, however you can pick up cakes from almost every street corner. Expectation: The French are more rude. Reality: They are just as polite as the British. […]

How to Survive Min-y-don

So, you may ask, what actually happens during an Action Team’s training? The most significant thing that happened was Min y Don, but specifically, when Jonny had to climb the hardest climbing wall they had. When he first saw it , it looked simple. Just hold on to those rocks, and put mr feet there […]