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We’re Back… So Now What?

  Team France took a short break from the blogs to spend time with our families. We’re all happy to be back in the UK… but now what? While in France we missed religious freedom; young people talking about faith, even being open about our Christianity and why we were in France. When we came […]


        This is it; our final blog in France! Where did the time all go?! To finish, here is a blog about our favourite moments in France. Get ready to laugh, cry and hear about the ridiculous number of times we got lost. The Saxophone Adventures- Esther Caitlin and I always joked about […]

Tea and Trust: Interview with the Linkowskis

Supervisors Peggy and Etienne Linkowski lead Nice Baptist Church. They live with their 3 children Charlotte (18), Pauline (16) and Pierre (12). We asked Peggy and Etienne a few questions as our time in France is drawing swiftly to a close. How did you both meet? We both were youth leaders for Youth For Christ […]

Jesus Took The Wheel: Taff’s Blog

I’ve been with team France now for 6 months which is long time to be with people, especially if you are living with them also. There have been some highs and lows but one thing that has remained constant is God’s presence with us. Our work in Gif was more social work with the community, […]

Trapped on a Pontoon: Jonny’s Blog

God was doing many things in my life to point me towards this gap year. 1) In my grandma’s will, she left all her grand children £5000. I was looking for something to spend this money on. I didn’t want to spend this money on material things but something that would last, such as learning […]

Is Nice nice? Team France Q&A

Is Nice nice? It’s so beautiful., France is really a gift that just keeps giving! We’ve got the alps and the Mediterranean! -Caitlin How do you all feel now you’re halfway? It’s exciting to know we’ll see our families in 3 months; but at the same time, we still have tour to go. -Esther What […]

A Journey and a Story: Caitlin’s Blog

Reading the other teams blogs (and I encourage you to do so too!) they are filled with excitement, praise and also hardships. I think the easiest way to look at this year is as a journey and a story. So as Esther encouraged me to do so, I best give you a little insight into […]