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Friends, Tigers & Old People’s Feet

Going from being face to face with pythons, tigers and lions to giving old people massages in the space of 24 hours? Yeah, sounds like India alright. A big highlight since our holiday with Team Delhi was our 4 days in Kolkata being reunited with the Delhi girls (again). They enjoyed helping us at our […]

The Holiday

The Holiday In the past weeks, we have all had experiences that will be stories we are still telling in 50-60 years time. From washing elephants to sleeping in the desert to beholding a wonder of the world to jumping onto a moving train, we had a very exciting 3 weeks off with Team Delhi.  […]

The Christmas Special

Christmas in Kolkata is not something we are likely to forget anytime soon. Borrow Din as they call it here (literally translated as “The Big Day”) was very different to our traditions back home but we did enjoy this special time in a totally new environment. Thing we liked most about Christmas in Kolkata: Tom […]

Hectic, Normalised Craziness

Hectic, Normalised Craziness Right, you all have busy lives and we are also very busy so let’s just get on with this shall we? The Indian straight-to-the-point way of speaking is starting to rub off on us.  We no longer notice the constant ring of car horns. We no longer stop and stare when we […]

Half the World Away

Half the World Away   Bursting with life, overflowing with colour, eternally rich in smell and ever booming with the noise of 20 million people living in harmony. Kolkata has given us quite the welcome.  Since arriving here in the morning of Saturday 12th October, we have slowly started getting used to having our senses […]

The Road to Kolkata

The Road to Kolkata What happens when you take a motherly city girl, a loud Surrey boy, a pragmatic Scotsman and an eccentric French girl who have never met and send them half way across the world to spread the Gospel? Well, we are in the process of finding out. We are the 2019/2020 Kolkata […]