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Hello everyone! Christmas is rapidly approaching which means we are coming up to half way through our time in Kolkata. We’ve decided to each give you a little insight into what we’ve noticed, learned and been taught by God so far and this week it’s Emily’s turn! Make sure you check our blog page a […]

Tips, trips and extra bits

Dear friends, we thank you for your continued support and prayer, we hope you enjoy reading this blog post and that we are able to give you a little additional taste of the city as well as our work. At the school, GNCEM, we now understand more about what is expected of us and know […]

“A smile generates a smile”

Dear friends, welcome to our second blog post from India, we wanted to say an especial thank you for all the support and kindness from all you folk back home, as well as thanking you for taking the time to read our latest blog post. It is terribly long because we have been so busy […]

Sensory overload syndrome is a real thing!

We touched down in Kolkata at 8 o’clock in the morning on Sunday 7th of October. Looking out of the plane window the haze of pollution was a sight I (Emily) hadn’t seen before but I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of palm trees. We met Anu (our amazing supervisor) at the airport and […]

Biscuits, sweat and tears

Dear friends, welcome to our first proper blog post, we hope to share our experiences with you, ask for your prayers and write of the wonderful things we see God do. It’s quite long so sit back, grab a hot drink and enjoy! During our month of training we have been prepared for our time […]

The best things come in threes…

Hello, I’m Cameron, I am 18 years old and live in Lincolnshire. I enjoy reading, being with friends and family and walking. I chose to do action teams after the Bishop of Grimsby recommended the programme during a visitation to my church. I have always wanted to take a year out of education before university […]