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Tchau For Now!

Sadly this is the last blog post from Team Mozambique. Our time overseas has been amazing, yes it’s been challenging but we’ve learnt so much in the 6 months we had away from home and the memories & relationships we made have been wonderful. In this blog post I’ll be explaining our last few days […]

January Adventures

This month has been a very different one for team Mozambique. We’ve experienced lots of new and exciting things and travelled to a few different places. Usually, January is a very slow month for Mozambique as it’s still the school holidays and people are getting ready to go back to school/work after Christmas. However, we […]

Merry Christmas from Mozambique!!

A very Merry Christmas to our friends and family back home! This year is a very different Christmas for Team Mozambique. For a start, it’s 31°C whilst I’m writing this, the sun is beaming and each member of the team is sunburnt!! Since the Christmas holidays have begun, our projects have slowed down a bit […]

We made it to Mozambique!

After a very long, confusing and quite a stressful process, Team Mozambique have finally made it to Mozambique! As soon as we arrived we began to get stuck in and involved with our projects and the community. We’re so happy to be here and so excited that we finally made it. In this blog we’re […]

Tchau Mourão!

The time has come where Team Mozambique are parting ways with Portugal. We’ve had so many wonderful experiences in Portugal and we’ve loved being able to get involved with a new culture as well as getting to know so many amazing people. As a lot of you may know already, we had quite a confusing […]

Primeira semana em Mourão! First week in Mourão!

What a week! Filled with excitement, challenges, laughs, and adventures. We’ve loved living in Mourão for 10 days, we’ve definitely had some challenges to overcome but we’ve stuck together as a team, had a laugh and most importantly seeked God in times of need. We’re adjusting to lots of things such as Portuguese timings, the […]

Olá Equipe Moçambique!

Welcome to Team Mozambique’s first blog post! We can’t get over how fast training has gone and that we have 1 week until we fly out to Portugal. For those of you who don’t know, we are spending the first month of our time overseas in Portugal to learn the Portuguese language before flying out […]