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Life over the past few months has been like a platform game. By ‘platform game’ I mean the kind of game which involves completing increasingly difficult levels, each with new challenges and often different themes. Sometimes you might get ‘Boss Levels’ that are short but especially difficult or, ‘Bonus Levels’ which are just for collecting […]

Thank You

I’m sure you’ve all been sat in your homes waiting in anticipation for the next Team Peru blog and, lucky for you, it’s here. I have decided to do two more blogs so as not to over do it but also to wrap up our time nicely. If you hadn’t heard yet, the rest of […]

Bedtime Stories with Team Peru

Disclaimer – Only the best blogs begin with a disclaimer. Who needs an introduction, a disclaimer is basically the same thing, right? Anyway, this blog is just a series of funny or weird stories (Bedtime stories if you will) from the past month and a bit. Though, it does paint some people and places in […]

It’s a Gooden

A few weeks ago, we used ‘the Instagrams’ to ask you for some questions and boy did you deliver. So much so that we couldn’t even fit them all in (sorry if we missed one of yours out). We had some excellent questions but before we get to those, here are the other ones.   […]

Christmas, Cusco and holy Cow we’re halfway

We had a lot of fun over the Christmas period. On the 24th and 25th we enjoyed celebrating with Peruvian, American, and British traditions. Then on the 27th we headed off on holiday to Cusco, to visit some famous landmarks and see in the New Year. Then on the 3rd of January we reached our […]

Feliz Navidad (Letters Home)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Obviously, you’ll all be reading this on Christmas day as you can’t have anything better to do than reading about us on this day. We all hope that you have had a wonderful day, wherever and however you are celebrating. But, before I start, we’re going to do […]

Más o Menos

This is my new favourite phrase, ‘más o menos’. It literally translates as ‘more or less’, but it’s meaning here is quite different. It’s difficult to define but we use it a lot here, especially when it comes to planning or projects. This is because many of our projects have stopped, been cancelled or change […]