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7 Things We Never Thought We’d Miss

Before coming to Peru, we knew that it would be inevitable that we would miss our families, friends and of course our beloved dogs! However, since being here we there have also been a few small, somewhat random things that we have missed and we thought we would share them with you! 1. Winter Clothing […]

You Just Got Perued!

A phrase that we have started to say over the past few weeks is ‘you just got Perued’. When asking the team what exactly the phrase  means they replied “when you expect to go about life normally, but then Peruvians have a completely different plan or idea that they don’t tell you about”. It is […]

“The Lord Wants Them to Learn to Mop”

Team Peru has been extremely busy the past few weeks adjusting to the culture and getting stuck into life here in Lima! Three weeks ago, we began our work at the Bethel Christian School, where we are helping teach English, art and music. The school was set up by the church, which meets in the […]

Touch Down in Peru!

¡Hola! It has been officially a week since Team Peru arrived in Lima! After two very long flights we made it all in one piece! As we aren’t starting our work in the Bethel Christian School until tomorrow, we have spent the past week adjusting to the culture and getting our bearings. So far we’ve […]

Introducing Team Peru!

Welcome to Team Peru’s blog! Here’s a little introduction to each of us and what we’ve been up to over the past month… Katie is from Southampton and being the organised one of the group, is our practicalities coordinator. This means she’s in charge of sending emails and writing down plans in the team’s new […]