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Tears, Hugs & Prayers

Leaving Wang Daeng felt as though time had moved on quite quickly, and while staying there all the people in the village made us feel so welcomed & a part of the village. The work we have been involved in has been an absolute gift to us. We’ve met some incredible people, and have made […]

God’s love strikes again!

With only a couple weeks left until the end of our stay in Wang Dang, we’ve sadly started to have our last lessons with some of our classes. Last week we had our last lesson/farewell party with the Christian school in Uttaradit where we included the story of the “lost sheep” & a video on Jesus’s […]

Give us this day our daily rice!

Our week in Bangkok has been absolute whirlwind of events. During the week we were able to fit in two special people’s birthdays including teaching at four different schools, visiting the Franklin Graham conference and spending quality time with member’s of the youth group.   Here’s a sum up of what we got up to: […]

Christmas outreach with a lot of joy!

Happy New Year from Team Thailand! During our last few weeks we’ve worked alongside the kids performing the Nativity, singing jingle bells, playing games with 50+ children & being a part of the first village Christmas show.           We were very kindly invited by the headteacher of the Christian school to […]

Sabai Sabai

(Sabai Sabai means relax/ take it easy in Thai.) So our last couple weeks have been very eventful. Last Sunday we prepared for a service in front of one the villages in which we performed a drama, sang a Christmas version of hallelujah & Jonny told us of his Testimony. (As part of the outreach, […]

We’re singing in the rain

After saying our goodbyes to all our friends & supervisors in Chiang Mai, we embarked on a 5 hour journey to Uttaradit. Wit and Helen, our supervisors, were very welcoming & hospitable, they gave us a full day tour around the village, introducing us some of the villagers. We immediately felt welcomed; being told to […]

Daring Faith!

During our last few weeks in Chiang Mai we attended an annual conference for a few days, it was run by an organisation called TBMF, which stands for Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship. It is compromised of Baptist missions from six nations who work together through (and are all partnered with) TBMF. Some of the missionary […]

Arrival in Thailand

Our first few weeks in Thailand have been amazing. However after arriving, we can confirm; jet lag is definitely not a joke when you’re trying to stay awake for 24hrs to avoid as much sleep deprivation as possible (it kinda worked). Our supervisors have been very welcoming and caring, showing us around Chiang Mai. They’ve […]