Back in Buuhming’am

And Cardiff and Bangor. We’ve travelled around a bit! The last three weeks have been very varied and almost as busy as Mozambique! But we’ve enjoyed it, so read on to find out more.

We did quite a bit of work at Harborne Baptist Church, which has strong links with BMS and is the sending church for two BMS missionaries to Thailand and Uganda. We went to their Place of Welcome on a Tuesday morning, which is a drop-in for people in the community to have a cup of tea and a chat. There’s also the International Students’ Cafe on a Tuesday evening, again a drop-in but for international students from Birmingham’s universities. In the second one we ran games, such as making the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows (points were awarded for strength, height and architectural appeal) and the toilet paper mummy challenge (check out Rebekah’s stellar Roman-style outfit!) Finally, Rebekah, Alex and Jack helped at a community project run by the church. They take leftover food from KFC and the local supermarkets and use it to provide a three-course meal, and people can donate as much as they’d like. We’ve really enjoyed our projects at Harborne, and we’ve met people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

We also met up with the Action Wales Team in Bangor, North Wales, and we loved catching up with them and sharing our experiences so far. We also visited a couple of their projects and heard about the work they were doing.

The four of us had a lot of fun filming a video for next year’s Mozambique action teams. We did it in the style of The Apprentice, with Alex playing an enthusiastic but incompetent candidate, Jack playing Lord Sugar and Rebekah and Andrew his aides. It ended up being much longer than anticipated, but we’re really happy with how it turned out. Jack just about managed to stay in character as the serious Lord Sugar despite being the one who’s always smiling in the group. Although some of his lines did need quite a few takes…

Last weekend we went to Wales again, this time to Cardiff for a discipleship course with a company called Big Life. Big Life teaches people in how to make disciples so they can teach others to make disciples. One of the best things about the course was learning about the 3/3rds method of reading the Bible in groups. We enjoyed learning about this and feel that it will be helpful in our own personal Bible studies or in team time because it often helps us look at familiar passages in a new way.

Finally, we’ve done some work in Weoley Castle, a mainly working-class area of Birmingham. Andrew went to Men in Sheds, an outreach group for local men, while the whole team helped out at a youth group called Gab’s Squad. Finally, we did a planting project with kids from a local school. We enjoyed being able to brighten up the community a little with the raised beds, and the kids loved it too.

One of our raised beds in Weoley Castle

It’s not RocoMama’s, but Alex still loved T.G.I Fridays on her 18th!

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  1. Sheila Boakes says:

    Lovely to hear of your varied escapades team. Am trying to imagine Jack as Lord Sugar … seriously!!
    It all sounds enormously engaging .I’m sure you will all return with millions of new ideas that you will be able to develop and utiluse on into the future. BLESSINGS ABUNDANT!

  2. Peter Benton says:

    Good blog post! Sounds like you have been gainfully employed and enjoyed yourselves to boot.

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