Bonnie Macduff!

The tour begins! Our first stop is Macduff, a village of roughly 3,000 people in the North East Of Scotland. Most importantly, it is the home of Caitlin. Her parents Hugh and Valerie worked with us and looked after us while we were there. Macduff has one bus, two mini supermarkets and the famous ‘Spotty Bag Shop’, which sells just about everything and will be given to you in a spotty bag at the till. But what did Team France get up to in Macduff?

We started with Coffee Corner where we met loads of people from the church and socialised. Then we went to the toddlers group for mums, ‘All Stars’. Afterwards we had a meet the team evening where we shared about our time overseas. We did a bunch of stuff in local schools such as a French language lesson for primary school and an assembly for 13-14 year olds about how they can serve in the local community. Then we helped out at Jaffa, a school club where they learned about the road to Emmaus. Finally on Sunday we did a small talk for the morning service and we did the entire evening service.

There was so much! We visited lots of little villages, including one called Crovey (pronounced Crivvy). We went out onto the sea in Caitlin’s boat, which she drove. We got absolutely drenched! We spent team time together bonding and watching films, like Madagascar. And yes, we met Prince Charles, who wore a kilt.But the most important part of our trip was when we ate Butteries for the first time!

Finally, a little message from Caitlin:

The Scottish tour has been off to a great start and of course I have to be a little biased towards my own neck of the woods! The fact it’s actually been sunny is such a bonus and I really hope the team has enjoyed being here. I also hope that you have really enjoyed reading these blogs from the four of us and you continue to as the team becomes a three as I finish my time with them in Scotland. This year has been a great experience and I have seen God in such marvellous ways. Thank you for your prayers and support of my time in Team France; and if you are ever in Macduff, I can’t guarantee a royal meeting, but always a cup of tea.

God Bless,

– For Hugh and Valerie, and that God will bless their work in Macduff
– For the children that go to Jaffa
– That Caitlin leaves Team France early with a sense of peace

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  1. Linkowski Peggy says:

    The 4 of you will always be in our prayers! Sending love and blessings to each one of you!

  2. Jean Underdown says:

    I certainly have enjoyed all the blogs very much indeed, thank you all so much.
    The Lord bless and keep you each one in His care and help you all to adjust to being 3 rather than 4++for Caitlin too
    Lots of Special Love and Prayers Jean xxxx

  3. Barbara Maile says:

    Glad that the time in Scotland went well and you had some good experiences. Looking forward to seeing how things go “down south”. God bless you all. Love Barbara xx

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