Christmas outreach with a lot of joy!

Happy New Year from Team Thailand!

During our last few weeks we’ve worked alongside the kids performing the Nativity, singing jingle bells, playing games with 50+ children & being a part of the first village Christmas show.






We were very kindly invited by the headteacher of the Christian school to attend their Christmas show but also to perform something in return. The kids performance was absolutely incredible as they performed the Nativity with their own twist of the costumes they wore.




Our first Christmas village show was truly spectacular, as there was a great turnout of 140+ people. Most of which were parents of the children who were performing onstage doing a great job singing jingle bells & Its Christmas. The youth leader’s guitar group made a great performance in-front of the many parents & teenagers showing us their hardwork.

Keziah & I performed the ‘sin jacket’ and I also shared my testimony later on. It’s amazing to see how God is making progress into peoples lives here in Wang Daeng – we just hope & pray that the people are willing to open up their hearts & search for Jesus.



Christmas Day was the best it could have been without being with our families. Check out the Christmas vlog (below) to see everything we got up to!






We spent New Years in Chiang Mai during the first part of our holiday. There’s also a vlog below if you want to see the lantern festival held there for NYE!




Prayers answered

  • For the outreach work going very well.
  • For bonds & relationships being made.


Prayer points

  • The youth who attend our sessions & Sunday bible study for God to light a fire inside their hearts.
  • For the basket weaving ladies, that they’ll continue to strength their faith.


Despite the crushing disappointment that there were no complaints to the absence of my list in the previous blog.. I’ve decided to return anyway! You’re welcome:)

This blogs list… Keziah’s Thai troubles:

  • Often language can cause misunderstandings… demonstrated by when Keziah was asked (in Thai) “What is your favourite food?” and replied “I like music”


  • Keziah, again wanting to try out her Thai, spoke confidently in Thai to some unsuspecting tourists who, to her surprise, replied “I’m sorry, we’re not actually Thai” in English


  • Keziah got everyones attention at the waterfall in Pai so she could film them all cheering, however after shouting to them all, she tripped on a rock and fell into the water with absolutely everybody watching her


  • When visiting a sacred tourist attraction in Pai; ‘The White Buddha’, Keziah begins running up the steps towards the Buddha shouting excitedly with joy (in true Kez style) before being hailed back down by an angry Thai lady who expressed the need for her to cover her legs and shoulders before running towards the Buddha