Daring Faith!

During our last few weeks in Chiang Mai we attended an annual conference for a few days, it was run by an organisation called TBMF, which stands for Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship. It is compromised of Baptist missions from six nations who work together through (and are all partnered with) TBMF. Some of the missionary works they have done in the past and present include:

  • Bible translation
  • Church planting
  • Disaster relief
  • Urban/slum outreach
  • Working with people with disabilities
  • Orphan care & support

During our stay we were tasked with running the kids group, during the morning meetings. We followed the theme for “Daring Faith”.

We thought about daring faith when:

  • It doesn’t make sense (Noah’s ark)
  • People are against you (Daniel and the lions den)
  • You are scared (Peter walking on water)

The kids were great fun and they really enjoyed getting involved with the activities we had planned, yet the biggest hit was the slippery slope, where cushion rides were the main attraction. Along with knocking down cups (aka bowling).


Our time in Chiang Mai has been brilliant as we’ve all started to make great progress with our language.

So far we’ve learnt also how to order food and express that you either want a little spice to none at all which definitely comes in handy. Here are a few words …

  •     Guy                – Chicken
  •     Moo               – Pork
  •     Som               –  Orange
  •     Pit nid noy   –  A little spicy
  •     A-roy             –  Delicious
  •     Ma muuang –  Mango


Even though its been difficult (yet very fun) learning the basics, it’s now up to us as we’ve finished our lessons. Our teacher has been amazing and she’s also given us all colourful wallets. We’ve had a chance to practice what we’ve learnt with the Thai speaking staff at Hope Home which has enabled us to build better relationships.

We’ve also spent more time at Hope Home the past couple weeks. Here is what has made an impression on us:

  • Jonny: The kids at Hope Home have taught me that God’s love has no boundaries, and watching them worship with us brought me back to “The Heart of Worship”.


  • Anna: Hope home is a place where joy is both in the staff and the children, we really felt invited into a new family.


  • Keziah: As we have spent more time at Hope Home, the children and staff have felt more comfortable and familiar around us. It has been wonderful to develop new friendships with everyone there.


  • Paul: Coming to Thailand we knew we weren’t bringing God with us and seeing the smiles on both the staff and children showed Gods love & heart.


And now, Jonny’s ‘blogly’ list…

…this week, ‘quotes from Paul’:

  1. “Treat every spider with respect…you don’t know what they’re capable of.”
  2. “I can’t speak out of my nose!”
  3. “I think I’m gonna die of a pasta coma.”
  4. “It’s so spicy it feels like I’m sacrificing my tongue.”


Prayers answered:

  • Health, because no ones been terribly ill.
  • Making slow but good progress with the language.
  • Gradual adjustment to the heat.


Prayer points:

  • Our transition from Chiang Mai to Uttaradit.
  • For the staff & children of Hope home.
  • For God to give us wisdom & reassurance when speaking to non-Christians.
  • For God to light a ‘spark of passion’ in our hearts so that we may ‘light a fire of love for him’ in the hearts of those we meet.


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  1. Esther says:

    Lovely photos and a great blog! Praying that you all have a ‘daring faith’ and enjoy the rest of your work in Chiang Mai. As always, Team France sends their love

  2. Elaine Pullen says:

    So good to hear your news! You are all grinning out at us from our fridge door, which reminds me to pray for you every time I make a cup of tea! Praying for you especially as you have now moved to a new area. May God bless you and alll those you come into contact with: he has hold of your hand (Isaiah 41: 13) and won’t let go!

  3. Sally & Jon Dobbs says:

    We love reading all the updates and hearing about your adventures! It inspires our prayers too. What an amazing time you are all having – learning new skills and growing in faith. Wonderful!

  4. kirsty says:

    you’re all doing such an incredible job! be encouraged that God is with you always, and it’s in His power that you are doing what you’re doing. praying for you all, and so excited to see/hear what God is doing in and through you, you are such a blessing to the people of both Chaing Mai and Uttaradit!
    lots of love, kirsty (team uganda 17/18) xxx

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