Dear Future Us

Dear future us,


Today marks our one month anniversary of being in Nepal. It must feel strange; us all reading this in our homes in the UK, hundreds of miles from one another and trying to fit back into what used to be normal life. It may feel strange to think back to a time when you knew so little about what God had in store for us and the year ahead.

The thought that one day I will have to leave this country, its people, my team and that it will all come to an end, sitting on a rooftop in Pokhara with the Himalayas and the next five months stretched out in front of me simply, doesn’t seem real.

I wonder how different the Lucy writing this is to the Lucy reading this – I hope you are different. Grown, shaped and moulded. Knowing how everything will have turned out. If only you could tell us how each of our worries and anxieties will play out, but I guess those are answers we will have to find out for ourselves.


Dear future Gemma, 

Today is our 1 month anniversary of being in Nepal! It’s been a crazy adventure already and I can honestly say I have loved 99.9% of it. I can list at least 5 new things I’m grateful for at the end of everyday. I hope you keep the habit of mentally listing what you’re grateful for. Although I don’t think right now I’ll miss the dogs barking, the awful driving, the people staring or the weird bugs. But maybe when you read this letter, you’d pay a lot of money just to experience those things again.

The hundreds of photos I’ve taken of the mountains certainly don’t do them justice. Nepali people are so friendly, I particularly love how people call us ‘bini’ or ‘didi’ and the real sense of community felt here. I am loving being busy with all the various projects; Nawajeewan, the women’s rehab centre, can be a challenge with the language barrier but girl you prayed for a challenge, be careful what you pray for!! 

Oh, and I’m sure you know you have made some very special friendships with your teammates. Some of my favourite moments of this month have been laughing with them, creating inside jokes and knowing that they can fully understand all the emotions I go through. In real high school musical spirit: ‘we’re all in this together’. 😉

I hope you have a change of perspective about control and trust. Everyone says ‘God’s got it! Trust Him’ but oh man He really does! 

Naomi and I got lost in the centre of Pokhara after my bike tyre got a puncture. I prayed and prayed as we wandered with no clue how to get home, and eventually, completely randomly, I realised I knew where we were! That right there was God making sure you were safe. He is your shepherd.

I wonder if you feel as though the time altogether in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Besisahar flew by. I keep reminding myself to live in the present and not wish the days away until I can be back in the familiarity of home and my loved ones. This season was to stretch and grow you, to develop your servant heart, to learn incredible things about God and serve Him in new ways. I hope you can say you did that. 

Ps I’m so proud of myself for liking tea now. If you’re still drinking it, you’ve reached proper adulthood.

See ya!

Love from Gemma



Dear Future Hannah,

I know you will have been on such an incredible journey from when I am writing this now. A journey where you have grown, experienced and learnt so much.
I wonder now what you will be doing and how you will have changed. Thinking back to this time last year, the thought of going away for 6 months to a completely new country was, to say the least, terrifying! I thought it would be so cool for someone else to do but not something I would ever manage. I always loved hearing testimonies of other people’s mission trips but I decided I wasn’t quite up for actually getting involved. But somehow, under God’s guidance and strength, you are 1 month into your 6 months in Nepal!
Something that you are already starting to learn is that God uses ordinary people for his mission. It is not people who have it altogether and are fully trained. It does not have to be people with an extremely strong faith and have all the answers figured out. If you say to God “I am ready for you to use me” he will and he will bring the confidence, the knowledge, the strength and in this process will strengthen your faith. I pray that you will continue to learn and understand that God can use you and he will take you further than you could ever imagine.
There has been a lot to get used to this past month. You’ve not only had to learn to live independently away from home, but also figure out a completely new country and culture. We’ve had a lot of  attention, laughs at our language attempts (can’t blame them really!), near misses with moterbikes and buses and spicy food to endure. However, I have loved the whole experience so far and there are endless things to be grateful for.
One of my favourite things about living in Pokhara has been the views. The mountain views are spectacular and being able to wake up to them each morning will never stop amazing me!
I am really excited to travel to Besisahar shortly and experience a once again very different part of Nepal. I think it will be most different from what I am used to but an amazing experience. I am most excited to get involved with the projects there, especially the children’s work in the hospital and preschool. We will also spend Christmas in Besisahar. I know this might be a challenging time of year, but I am looking forward to embracing the Nepali Christmas traditions, which I know will be very different but also a lot of fun!
I’m guessing you have probably found that these 6 months have flown by! I hope you have enjoyed every situation, both good and bad and learnt so much about the character of God and his heart for his people. I pray that you will continue to serve him in all you do and allow him to use you for his good.
Love Hannah


Dear future Naomi,

I have been in Nepal for exactly one month now! And although at first, I never thought I would get used to the aeroplanes zooming low past our window, the dogs barking or car horns beeping throughout the night, now I don’t know how I will ever manage to sleep without them! I am starting to get used to the little quirks of Nepal such as having to dodge the potholes and cows that lay in the middle of the roads and how we are casually invited to climb on people’s roofs when we go to their  houses. One thing I hope I never learn to overlook though is the amazing mountain views that I have had the pleasure to wake up to. I hope that as I become more familiar with the sights of Nepal, I will never forget the feeling of Gods power and talent especially when I look at the mountains, and I will keep reminding myself of how blessed I am to be here.

I have so many stories to share and have learnt so much already, I am sure you have much more to add now, 5 months later. Some of the skills/ lessons I have learnt so far include; how to make Nepali tea and that crows are scary. I have also learnt that God truly is with you wherever you go.

I now know the true meaning of the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’, whilst playing dobble with the girls from the Rehab centre I realised that although we can’t have a meaningful conversation with them, we are still able to have fun, laugh and build connections which when we first started this project I thought would not be possible.

I am so thankful for the kindness and hospitality of Nepalis and that we can feel safe walking around Nepal by ourselves. For example, when we unlocked a random Nepalis gate and walked into their front garden while we tried to figure out where we were on the map, they kindly directed us to an English person’s house.

I have had my ups and downs especially where technology is involved. I am still unsuccessful in connecting my phone to the Wi-Fi and all my music spontaneously undownloaded itself, also my brain decide to randomly forget the password to unlock my phone for a day, which was super weird. However, I am sure there is a lesson to be learned from this and I am just unaware what it is at the moment. Maybe you have figured it out by now.

I hope my legs now match the colour of my arms and that my post arrived. This experience so far has really helped me to grow in my faith and strengthened my relationship with God. I am so grateful for my team and believe God has put us together for a reason.

I look forward to the many more months to come…


Love Naomi





Dear future Lucy,

I always though that the reason I wasn’t nervous about coming to Nepal was because it didn’t seem real and a month later it still doesn’t quite seem real – I’m beginning to think it never will. The projects in Pokhara are going great, working with the kids in the expat school is a super fun, helping at the Nepali kids club has been an amazing experience, helping at GLOW is a well needed relaxed part of the week and although helping at the rehabilitation centre has been challenging we’ve really gotten to know the girls and although we’ll see them again in January I’m sad to say goodbye. The community of BMS workers and other expats here is so tight and everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. Although sad to leave Pokhara I’m excited to go to Lam Jung and see a more rural side of Nepal that we haven’t seen yet.

We’re still struggling with the language barrier and making connections with Nepali people because of it but we’re getting better at the language each week. I’m still getting used to the stares we get when we go out but I’m sure that but the end of our time here it’ll feel so normal that we’ll barely notice it. Nepali Church is another thing I’m still adjusting to although I’m very much enjoying the process. I’m still getting used to sitting on the floor for two hours and not pointing my feet at anyone because in Nepali culture that’s rude.

I’m surprisingly looking forward to having a Christmas unlike any other I’ve had before and to spend the whole day at church with my Nepali Christian family, although being way from my family and home will feel strange.

I hope that the Lucy reading this is stronger in faith, more confident and ready to serve God’s people in the UK. I hope that you’ve made plans to stay in close contact with your team as well as well as the rest of the Action Teamers as they’ve been an ever present source of support both at training and while overseas. I can’t wait to go back to BMS Birmingham and see not only the other teams but how much each of us have changed and grown.


Love Lucy




I hope that we look back on this year and smile at the good memories, laugh at or mistakes, marvel at the amazing work God has done and feel proud of the way He has shaped us through the challenges, triumphs and failures. I hope that we love the Lord and his people more than we did before and that we love one another even more than we do now. This year has tied our four lives together. I know that when we read this again we will have seen each other at our best and at our worst and laugh at the fact that at one month we thought we knew all there was to know about one another.

All that is left to say is that we love you future Nepal Action Team and that we hope you’ve had an incredible year.


Love Lucy, Gemma, Naomi and Hannah


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  1. Jacob says:

    I might have to steal this idea for one of our blogs, it’s brilliant. Plus, we can’t wait to see you all too and how much you’ve grown.

  2. Soph says:

    Loved this! Missing you gals so much! Gem I am super proud that you have grown to love Tea. Praying for you guys all the way, Team Peru have recently moved to another part of Peru and resettling is at times a nervous process so always here for advice. All my love, Soph!! Xxx

  3. Marianne Chedgey says:

    Thank you, Gemma, Lucy, Hannah and Naomi for this insightful account of your time in Nepal so far. We pray that God will continue to equip you with everything you need to serve him and we pray for His protection over you day and night.
    Psalm 121 with lots of love xxxxxxx

  4. Josie says:

    Absolutely lovely! ❤️ So good to see you reach 1 month!! And loving seeing other people having similar experiences to me around that milestone. I’m now halfway. Pretty please, copy and paste those blogs like this to your own doc so memories is always there. This goes for the next action teams! Enjoy, it will get faster and you won’t believe it’s already over

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