Do French People Wear Stripes? 12 Expecations for France

Expectation: In France, they have cheese with every meal.
Reality: After a main meal, there’s a selection of cheeses, fruit and yoghurts. In France pudding isn’t really a thing, however you can pick up cakes from almost every street corner.

Expectation: The French are more rude.
Reality: They are just as polite as the British.

Expectation: Everyone in France speaks English as a second language.
Reality: It’s uncommon for people to speak English.

Expectation: We would get lots of kisses on the cheek.
Reality: it’s been a week and we’ve only had 2!

Expectation: As a team we would be together 24/7.
Reality: We live at opposite ends of the town so either trek for over an hour or get the bus, which can be hard at times. However by setting assigned time aside throughout the week we are making this better.

Expectation: French people wear stripes.
Reality:Yes, they do.

Expectation: The language would come along easily enough.
Reality: It’s a struggle but we are motivated and are constantly hearing and trying to understand it, so slowly but surely.

Expectation: We would meet Youtubers Damon and Jo, who live in Paris.
Reality: They probably won’t be in Paris for the next three months.

Expectation: We are going to do pure evangelism.
Reality: We are mostly doing projects.

Expectation: Every afternoon we are going to have French lessons.
Reality: We have them every couple of days.

Expectation: France is very anti Christian.
Reality: People in France are less open when it comes to religion.

Expectation: Adjusting to a different culture will be a struggle.
Reality: So far, the team is settling in well. We are ready to get to work and see the community blossom in Gif!

– That our projects will get underway successfully.
– That the church in Gif reaches out to the local community.
– That Team France have quality time together.

8 replies
  1. Jean Underdown says:

    Gr8 to have this lovely informative blog 🙂 thanks so much and sending lots of Love and Prayers Jean xxxx 🙂

  2. Sarah Kobrus says:

    Really good blog and thankful for the update. You get four kisses when u r family- well in Brittany anyway. Bon courage et bissous.

  3. Resica Kahari says:

    Thanks for the updates. We contnue to pray that when encounter these realities, your faith will be strengthened as you depend more on Christ.

  4. Denise says:

    Hi team France! Good to read your realities v expectations! Praying for you as you get involved in the projects and join in with what God is doing in Gif.

  5. Elizabeth Lee says:

    So some expectations need a bit of revision – go for it! If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Take it as it comes and it’ll all work out OK. Projects can be fun especially if you get to see the results.

  6. Ceri turner says:

    Great to read your blog guys and it was really great to meet you in person in Gif. Praying for your time here to be fruitful.

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