Don’t be Alarmed… it’s just the Action Team!

We’re back! After ten days at home then two weeks in Birmingham with the other teams, we’ve started our UK tour, where we travel around the country sharing our experiences. The first two weeks of tour have been hectic, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our first week of tour was to Andrew’s home church, Bervie Parish Church in the village of Inverbervie in the north-east of Scotland. This was unexplored territory for half of the team, especially Jack who had never visited Scotland before. Five minutes over the border on the train and he was already pining for his home country. But we think he’s started to like it now he’s been here a while. Maybe.

Between the talks, meals out at different houses and preparation, we were certainly kept busy at Bervie! We did presentations at the local primary school and a secondary school, both of which went really well. The primary school kids especially enjoyed singing the song we’d learned at PEPE (in Portuguese) as well as the actions, which was great to see. We also did a talk at the local day care group and held an open evening to give people a more thorough overview of our time in Mozambique. The latter was done in our matching capulana outfits! It was so encouraging to get such a positive response from the people who were there and to be able to share more about our time in Mozambique.

Then there was the DNA youth group on Friday night, where we played games including My Chair and Elephant Ball and presented another talk on our time away. Finally, we ran both the service at Bervie and a service at the Living Rooms, and Rebekah preached for the first time at both!

They went to Mozambique and came back with an Andrew

For week two, we were off to Galashiels Baptist Church in the Scottish Borders. Some of the highlights were two lunchtime groups at Peebles and Selkirk High Schools, home groups in the nearby villages of Earlston and Clovenfords and visiting the Hope Central drop-in. Additionally, at the open evening, the church congregation also picked up a dance we’d learned in Mozambique really well (and they were probably better than we were…) In our spare time, we got to explore quite a few of the Borders towns, see some of the beautiful countryside in the area and sample the ice-cream shops.

Celebrating Rebekah’s birthday on the 5th of May with this fantastic cake!

While waiting outside the hall before the start of the Selkirk youth group on Friday night, we weren’t sure if the youth leader Daniel had arrived yet. So you can imagine that checking the doors were locked would be pretty harmless, right? But when Alex tried the doors, the burglar alarm went off! Five minutes and a lot of funny looks from passers-by later, Daniel was on the scene to deactivate it, assuring us it wasn’t our fault because the door hadn’t been secured properly. By this point, though, we were just glad nobody had called the police.

What have you really enjoyed?

ALEX – I really enjoyed the Friday night youth club at Inverbervie because of the energy and enthusiasm the girls showed for learning about Mozambique. Also, we had the most hilarious game of ‘My chair” I’ve ever played.

ANDREW – I really enjoyed the two open evenings we did. It was great to be able to give people a snapshot of our time in Mozambique and tell them about our experience in more detail.

JACK – Getting to know people and being encouraged by their responses to what God has done in our lives and in the lives of those in Mozambique.

REBEKAH – It has been great to meet and get to know a variety of people. I have also enjoyed going to the youth groups, having fun with them and hopefully encouraging them to do something similar in the future.

What has challenged you most?

ALEX – I’ve found the sheer number of talks and presentations quite draining, though I have enjoyed each one.

ANDREW – The busy schedule. I’ve enjoyed the things we’ve been doing, but it can get very draining and I was often tired in the first two weeks.

JACK – Visiting a Church who had a drop in afternoon four days a week for anyone who wanted to come. They were great at listening to people and spending time with them no matter their circumstances.

REBEKAH – Balancing everything that we have had to do as it’s been quite busy.

What are you looking forward to?

ALEX – I’m looking forward to our week in Dundee as I will be going there for university in September. Also, we are going into a high school which gives us the opportunity to encourage other young people to take a gap year.

ANDREW – Seeing everyone else’s home churches after being at mine and just getting stuck into tour more

JACK – Learning more about how people see Church in different places in the UK.

REBEKAH – I’m excited to get experiences of more churches and to get to know more people.


  • All of our talks so far have gone really well and we’ve had a really positive response
  • Food and medical kits have been distributed in Beira after the cyclone, and the rebuilding work is already underway with some PEPEs restarting.
  • God kept the people we met in Beira safe and the number of fatalities overall was much less than what it could have been.


  • For energy as we continue our busy schedule on tour
  • Please continue to pray for Beira as it recovers and rebuilds.

In our BMS hoodies, looking good but less flamboyant than when we wear our matching capulanas

We’re currently staying at Alex’s home church, St Thomas’s in Edinburgh, until Monday. Below is our very busy schedule over the next five weeks – we might be somewhere near you!

13-20 May – Viewfield Baptist Church, Dunfermline

20-27 May – Broughty Ferry Baptist Church, Dundee

30 May-6 June – Rayleigh Baptist Church

6-13 June – Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford

13-20 June – Yeovil Community Church

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  1. Nana Garden says:

    Great to hear your latest news and how you are sharing one another’s home churches and towns. We look forward to meeting you all and welcoming Jack back in the South East. I’m sure you’re making memories that you’ll always keep.

  2. Margaret says:

    Great to read about your experiences of your tour so far. We loved having you all in Bervie!

  3. Sheila says:

    What a busy time you are having. Remember to get some rest! We really enjoyed having you in Bervie. X

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