Despite it still being the summer holidays, February was a very busy month! We found ourselves being involved in lots of different things, so thought we would write an acrostic to sum up all we did in the month of February!

Evangelistic Trip

In the middle of February, we took a week long trip to a city called Ica a few hours south of Lima with the Baptist Seminary of Lima. We spent our time there going into poorer areas on the outskirts of the city and running fun mornings for the kids, where we sang songs, played games and taught them about the wonderful news of the Gospel, focusing on Juan 3:16 (that’s John for all us English speakers!). We also did some street evangelism and tested our drama skills in a drama sketch on the challenges of addiction, after which three people decided to give their lives to Christ! It was a week of highs and lows, including three quarters of the team having to spend time in bed due to illness, to sand boarding on the desert sand dunes. However, overall the trip was an amazing experience and we all returned having learnt so much from the people from the seminary and their willingness to serve God and their love for others.

Bible verses

We started off the month by making lots of Bible verses to decorate the school with, in preparation for the new academic year, which starts this week. I think we can now safely say we are experts at cutting out letters!


We spent the last few days in February repainting the kindergarten section of Bethel School and literally leaving our mark on the school! All credit for Noah the elephant goes to Katie, who is definitely the artist of the team!

Upset Stomachs

Let’s just say that our bodies still aren’t quite used to some Peruvian foods! We would really appreciate prayer to keep us healthy for the rest of our time here.


In February, we also helped at two holiday clubs that Bethel Church ran. It was a very tiring three days but also very fun! Our main role was choreographing and performing all the actions for the songs. We calculated that we sang the holiday club’s theme song twelve times over the course of the three days, so it’s no wonder it took us about a week to get it out of our heads!


Because of how busy February was, we didn’t have any days off until the last week of the month. To compensate, our wonderful supervisors let us take Monday and Tuesday off, and we made the most of them! On Monday, we went to our favourite restaurant ‘Bon Beef’, where we filled our stomachs with burgers, sweet potato fries and brownies and ice-cream. On Tuesday, we decided to be adventurous and booked a surfing lesson! It involved lots of embarrassing face plants, but we laughed a lot while doing it!


Praise God we had such a busy and enjoyable month! We’d also love it if you could pray for our remaining three and a half weeks left in Peru (eek!) and that as school starts again this week, we will have lots of opportunities to serve this month.
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    • Team Peru says:

      Thanks mum, glad you enjoyed it! You would have loved painting the mural. Lots of love Katie xxxx

  1. Dorothy Plummer says:

    What amazing photos! They really help us see what you’ve been up to – so many different things! Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!! Thanks for sharing this. xx

    • Team Peru says:

      Thank you Granny!! We had a lot of fun painting him. So far no pancakes in Peru but there’s still time!! Lots of love Katie xxx

  2. Jo Jones says:

    Awesome! Great to see so much life lived by you beautiful girls. Will pray that your stomachs are fit and healthy for the last few weeks! Looking forward to that first hug, xx

  3. Barry says:

    I Pray that your artwork and songs will continue to be channels for the Holy Spirit into the hearts of people there, long after you’ve left!
    It was uplifting to ‘Peruse’ your month’s activities and service, thanks for keeping the news coming

  4. Elaine McKibben says:

    As always Team Peru, your blog captures our imaginations and we are able to picture all that you’re involved with. How special to be having so much time with children. We all have so much to learn from them with their simple open hearts. God bless all that you are doing in His service. So glad you’ve become ‘action-song’ experts – we’ll put your skills to use back here!! Not long now

    • Team Peru says:

      Thanks Elaine! Glad you enjoyed the blog and we’ll be more than willing to put our action skills to us! Xx

    • Bethan says:

      Yes is a cracker of a verse! The sand dunes were amazing- you would’ve have loved them (and Millie too) Lots of love xxx

  5. Pat n Jenny says:

    Hi girls!
    We’ve so enjoyed reading your blogs and sensed the energy, joy
    and love that exudes from you all – even in the hard times.
    The Lord certainly put together a winning combination! Along with others, we’ve prayed daily for you and, through your blogs, you’ve helped us to feel close to you and be involved in your time in Peru. Thank you. We’re looking forward to your next visit to Catshill. The Lord bless you with a safe and comfortable journey home. Pat and Jenny, Catshill.

    • Team Peru says:

      Thank you so much we really loved getting this message!!
      We feel he put together a winning combination aswell, we all say how our team is one of our favourite things about this experience. Thank you so much for your prayers it means more than we can say, knowing we have people supporting us through this all.
      We can’t wait to come back to Catshill and catch up with you all. Lots of love from all of us xxx

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