¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Since our last blog, we finished our work at Bethel School for the summer holidays. Although we felt we needed some rest, we found it hard saying goodbye to the kids at the school, as it is likely many of them may not return in March, after the holidays. We spent the following week preparing for Christmas, which involved creating lots of food packages for the staff Christmas party as well as carol singing (in Spanish!) at the church and in the local shopping centre.

We also visited a lady in the community who heartbreakingly lost her four year old daughter last year, who was a student at Bethel school. We all found the visit extremely moving, and it really gave us some perspective on our own lives. The less privileged area she lived in was also our first real exposure to what poverty looks like in Callao and gave us an idea of the living situation that many of the children at Bethel school are in. It also showed us how Bethel school is supporting and positively impacting families in the community, as we learnt that despite her family not being Christian, the girl taught her family to pray and appreciate the small things in life.
Every week, we spend part of our Saturday afternoons helping at a kids club run by a very patient and joyful woman called Milagros. In the lead up to Christmas, we taught them Go Tell It On The Mountain, which they sung at the Church’s Christmas service. It was encouraging to see them coming to church and bringing their non-Christian families, and we were also extremely proud of them, as they performed wonderfully despite their often challenging behaviour.
Christmas in Peru was definitely an experience we will not be forgetting soon! Unlike Britain, we discovered that Peruvians begin celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve and carry the celebrations through until 5am on Christmas morning! We celebrated with our host family and supervisors by letting off fireworks along with the rest of Lima at midnight and playing charades, which was somewhat confusing when half the room spoke English and the other half spoke Spanish! We are so grateful for how warmly everyone at the church made us feel over the Christmas period, we felt like part of their family. It was hard at times being away from our own families, but it made us fully appreciate the true reason we celebrate Christmas, and how Jesus coming for our salvation is true and incredible no matter where we are in the world! It was an amazing experience but we will definitely appreciate mince pies and pigs and blankets even more next Christmas!
Over New Year, God answered our prayers for rest, as we were extremely blessed to be able to spend a week at the beach with several families from the church. Our highlight was spending a day in Paracas, where we took a boat to see penguins and sea lions! We welcomed in 2019 with fireworks and extra celebrations, as it was our host Marilyn’s birthday, who we wrote a song for, which we are still struggling to get out of our heads! New Years Eve was also significant, as it marked our halfway point. It gave us a chance to reflect on our time here so far and made us realise how fast time is going! it was also a great opportunity to get to know some of the church family better.
On Thursday we will be travelling to Cusco, a city in the Andes mountains, where we will spend two weeks helping in another school, as well as visiting Machu Picchu! We are also planning to do a Q & A for our next blog post, where you can ask us anything about our time here and we will answer! Please leave any questions you have in the comments and read our next blog post to see our answers!

Prayer Points:

  • As we enter the second half of our time here, that we have a balance between looking forward to going home but also enjoying and making the most of our time here
  • Our general safety and that we do not suffer bad altitude sickness when we travel to Cusco
  • Give thanks for our first three months here and how blessed we have been from the community we are in to how well we have been getting on as a team
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  1. Hazel says:

    You guys are having such amazing experiences. Well done for all you’re giving. Praying for more life changing adventures. Stay strong and enjoy every minute.

  2. Kim says:

    Well done girls your doing amazing & touching peoples lives out in Peru.
    What is the main experience God has taught & spoken to you all invidually that your able to use back in the UK?

  3. Mark Jones says:

    Fascinating blog. Thank you so much for this. Keep going. Come home with no regrets. If in doubt, say yes.
    Can I ask, do you have any sense yet of what you have received spiritually down there, what has been imparted to you through the Holy Spirit in Peru, that you will be bringing home with you? In other words, how have you been shaped by your experiences?

  4. Barry Evans says:

    This is so much more informative than a postcard! Thank you for letting us hare your adventure.
    Q: What did the Guinea pig taste like?
    No seriously: what was your worst moment, how did you deal with it the time, and what has it taught you -reflecting back on it?

  5. Caroline Hutchings says:

    Hi Team Peru!

    You’ve told us at times that the culture in Peru has been surprising. What aspect of the culture will you bring home and try to keep going in the UK?


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