Friends, Tigers & Old People’s Feet

Going from being face to face with pythons, tigers and lions to giving old people massages in the space of 24 hours? Yeah, sounds like India alright.

A big highlight since our holiday with Team Delhi was our 4 days in Kolkata being reunited with the Delhi girls (again). They enjoyed helping us at our existing projects and we also went to Science City together which was more exciting than it sounds. There were a lot of optical illusions, an aquarium and even a little ride – the ride made It’s A Small World look like Nemesis Inferno – but it was still a fun experience away from the business of our day to day work at the projects. We loved spending time with the girls but this time we are certain we will not see them again until we are all back in the U.K.

For a long period we spent each day as a team praying for God to test us in our faith and really take us out of our comfort zones. We have signed up to go to Mother Theresa houses for dying people twice a week for the remainder of our time in India. We have a God who answers prayer. On our first visit to the Kaligrat house we were truly taken aback by the depth of desperation in the lives of Kolkata’s poorest citizens. But we know that these are exactly the kind of people Jesus went to first during His time on Earth. It was truly humbling to be able to wash these people’s feet, give them a massage, help them eat or even just smile and interact with them. Truly it was an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a place His hope was so desperately needed.

So our experiences have fluctuated  – from joy and relaxation to challenging acts of service – like an Indian summer. The day after our first visit to Kaligrat, in the unexpected February drizzle, we went on a school trip with GNCEM to Kolkata zoo. Like most people in Kolkata, the animals lived in more basic conditions than would be considered acceptable in the U.K. But the school children who live on the streets were filled with joy to behold elephants, zebras, tigers, lions, snakes and hippos up close. We found it rather amusing to see a pigeon enclosure in a zoo. As the rain ceased and the 30 degree heat returned, we were able to look back on another great day full of God’s blessings.


ROSPOMs (Ray of Sunshine, Puddle of Mud) since holiday:

Zoe – 

ROS: Our bible studies with the Daisy project have been going so well recently and it’s been amazing to see them grow. 

POM: Spraining my ankle half way through this month has not been that much fun, but I have a snazzy accessory that reminds me of it everyday! 

Tom –

ROS: Going to the zoo with the children was a good experience seeing the children seeing the animals. 

POM: being so busy after holiday has been very tiring 

Naomi – 

ROS : My ROS is that the Delhi girls got to visit us and see our projects and also the kids at the school are really cute. 

POM: I have been quite tired these past few days 

Lewis –

ROS: I really enjoyed going for a picnic at the park with the staff at the guesthouse. It was great to get to know people more and I have never seen Kolkata so quiet and tidy!

POM: We prayed to God to fill our days and He has certainly delivered! Although I have found it tough having so little time to relax and keep up to date with people back home (and find time to write the blog!)

Please Pray For Us!

We have less than a month less and we want to make sure we make the most of every last second God gives us in India. So please pray we are kept in good health and are given supernatural energy and joy in order to give our all in each of our projects for the final few weeks.

Zoe has sprained a tendon in her ankle and has been told she needs to rest it. Please usher God’s healing hand on her so this does not get in her way of serving God.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Nice one Lewis! Sounds like you’ve been up to some cool stuff and can’t wait to read the next blog! 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    Hi you have had some amazing experiences as well as challenging ones. Praying for health and energy for your last few weeks .

  3. Erin S says:

    Sounds like you guys are being kept busy, good job! Praying that you get some rest and energy to finish your time in India well!

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