Give us this day our daily rice!

Our week in Bangkok has been absolute whirlwind of events. During the week we were able to fit in two special people’s birthdays including teaching at four different schools, visiting the Franklin Graham conference and spending quality time with member’s of the youth group.


Here’s a sum up of what we got up to:

The church family were very hospitable & very friendly letting us stay in their house. On our first day in Bangkok we went for a bike ride where we were introduced to some of the youth, but we also visited a floating market where the food markets were literally floating along the lake. In the evening we headed to the (Amazing love festival)  where Franklin Graham was going to be giving a talk.

There was great worship music, but also an encouraging talk. At the end of the evening Franklin Graham called people to come to forward for prayer & to open up their hearts to God. It totalled to roughly 2,000 plus people coming forward both evenings!

Bangkok vlog(Thailand Stories #12)

On Sunday we attended both the youth, and Wit’s service. We performed a couple songs and shared a bit about ourselves. In the afternoon we joined the youth for some fun, games and a Q&A. Spending time with youth was incredible, as we got to share stories, hobbies, Testimony’s and the reason why we were in Thailand.

The youth at Saeng Sawang Baptist Church run their own services & are supported by the main church & in doing so they’re creating young leaders in an area where they’re surrounded by a Muslim, Buddhist and Chinese Buddhist community.

During the week we taught at three Thai schools, one of which contained roughly 300 plus children where we performed ‘Blinded by your grace’ and the “sin jacket” drama. With all the schools we played games, sang songs & told them about our reason for coming and staying in Thailand.

On one of the evenings we visited China town with the Youth from the church, and they got us to try some great Thai dishes but also some local “delicacies”. Everyone on the team bonded very well with the youth during the week, and we made some very close friends.



On our last day we taught the nursery kids animals, “Be happy” and the story of the lost sheep, in which they found it to be so much fun. It was Keziah’s birthday so in the afternoon we were taken out by some church member’s to go to the Thailand Kings’ museum.

In the evening we were amazed to find out that they had prepared a rooftop party to celebrate Keziah’s birthday. The party was fantastic, and the people were very sweet in putting a lot of effort into celebrating both our birthdays.


Our first impressions of Bangkok:

  • The church were so kind & hospitable.


  • The food is absolutely delicious… except for the locusts.


  • We’re all children of God no matter where we come from.


  • Teaching both children & youth about our purpose & what God means to us is very satisfying.


This time, a very tasty list of the 7 weirdest animals we’ve eaten so far in Thailand…

  1. octopus
  2. frog
  3. fried flies
  4. grasshoppers
  5. scorpion
  6. emu
  7. crocodile
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  1. Esther says:

    Aww I’m so glad you guys had a great time in Bangkok! Happy late birthday Keziah, hope you had an awesome time! ❤️

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