God’s love strikes again!

With only a couple weeks left until the end of our stay in Wang Dang, we’ve sadly started to have our last lessons with some of our classes. Last week we had our last lesson/farewell party with the Christian school in Uttaradit where we included the story of the “lost sheep” & a video on Jesus’s resurrection.


On Valentines day, we held an evening event at the Whitehouse inviting all the kids we teach in Wang Daeng. The evening included some music performances from both us & the kids, a drama about the “Good Samaritan”, snacks and a lot of games.

During the evening we played the “Falling plates video”, explained what it meant and the reason why we are here in the first place. The night was a success with a great turnout of kids mostly of which were teenagers who even after the event had finished decided to stay a longer to play games, and take photos with us.

You can see more about Valentines day in Thailand Stories #14 – linked at the bottom.


Here are some moments that made us,


  • The village, that God will pour out His Spirit and break the chains of Buddhism and unbelief
  • Realising that our friends here have limited knowledge of how much God loves them and wants to be in a relationship with them
  • The heat



  • When we were teaching in class, and Jonny said “first..” and a kid stood up, little did we know his name was “First”
  • When Anna, who was too confident in her catching ability, told Jonny to throw her a watermelon, failed to catch it and it exploded across the floor
  • Every night we hear Zip Zip Zap outside our house. Turns out that their is a mosquito genecide & our neighbours are swatting them with an electrical tennis racket.
  • Playing Pictionary with Wit and Helen, we were all in hysterics



  • When a friend from home passed away and not being able to attend her funeral
  • Cutting onions(Jonny)
  • Our neighbours having four cute puppies



  • When we danced in the rain and our neighbours thought we were scared of the thunder so they sent out their kids to be with us
  • When turned up to a Thai religious ceremony in football kit while everybody else was in full traditional Thai clothing (Jonny and Paul)
  • When we played “Guess the foreigner” (the kids have to guess who out of us the photo we show them is) and some of the pictures of me were horrific



  • When all the kids at school rub my arms because I’ve got hair on them and Thai people don’t tend to
  • When people beep their horn at us while cycling
  • Language most of the time


And now, the very important ‘blogly’ list;

This blogs list is a long one… ‘Things Anna’s lost in Thailand’:

  • sports top
  • a skirt
  • valuables bag with passport (temporarily)
  • purse
  • headphones
  • charger
  • a flip flop
  • 4 lip balms
  • 9 water bottles
  • 4 santa hats
  • Christmas lights


Thailand Stories #14

Prayers Points:

  • For the basket weaving ladies, that God would continue to strengthen their faith and for them to spread the word & create more disciples.
  • That all the youth that came to the Valentines event, that their hearts would be opened to God.
  • Future Work & projects run by Wit & Helen that God will support them and give them the right opportunitys in evangelising to the community.
  • For our journey & transition back to Chiang Mai.
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  1. Eleanor Hyde says:

    Brilliant blog! Praying for you all as you persevere through all the hard times and enjoy the good times together. Hope your last month is a brilliant one!

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