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Dear friends thank you for reading another edition of our blog. We Have spent the last three weeks after our visit to Lincoln in London. We have really enjoyed our time in these three churches and this blog post explains what we have been doing.

Our first London stop was Hendon! Emily and I stayed with the pastor and his family (who were so lovely and made us feel so welcome) and Cameron stayed with a different couple from the church (who were really nice too). We were involved in a number of different activities; the first of which was Tuesday Fellowship where we spoke to a group of women about our time in Kolkata before all having lunch together. During the week we also had the opportunity to do two school assemblies where we spoke about the differences between school in Kolkata and school in the UK. We enjoyed getting involved in the life of the church including the various young peoples’ groups where we played games and shared about our time in Kolkata. Sunday was a great day, not least because it was my birthday! In addition to the church singing “Happy Birthday” to me, my host family threw me a surprise birthday celebration where we played various games, including the classic “Pass the parcel” (one of my favourites)! It was so lovely of them to do this and made what might otherwise have been a hard day (due to not being with my family) a lot easier and a lot more fun! All in all, our week at Hendon Baptist Church was a success!

Our second stop in London was to South Harrow Baptist Church. Here we each stayed in different homes, I (Cameron) am very thankful to Martin (my host) for having me. We were very privileged, and a little nervous, that we were were asked if we could speak to a class at Harrow boys school. We hadn’t expected to be taking the class for the duration, which we did, but the lesson went really well and the boys asked some very good questions about missionary work in general and other broader topics. We also had the chance to briefly speak at Harrow’s Christian Union preceding a talk given by a visiting priest. In addition to speaking at Harrow school we led an assembly at a local primary school, the children responded enthusiastically and were interested hearing about the lives of less fortunate children in India in comparison with their own, especially about the difference between their schools. One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity we had to lead an India evening, along with Chai tea and curry we explained in some detail about what we did in India, what we saw and what we learnt about God. Our week came to a pleasant conclusion on Sunday when we participated in the service by being involved in the readings, prayers and reflections. Erin and Emily assisted with the music and singing, whilst I spared the congregation my vocal ‘talents.’ We really enjoyed our time in South Harrow, so thank you to everyone.

For week four we have been in New Malden my (Emily’s) home town. We’ve been involved in a number of different groups and services across both New Malden Baptist Church and Malden Manor Community Church (the church plant from New Malden that I attend) as well as some local schools. We got the opportunity to go back into both my secondary school and primary school to do assemblies. It was especially nerve wracking doing the secondary year 10 assembly but it went really well and it was so lovely to catch up with some old teachers!
The highlight of our week was the opportunity to go on a tour and have lunch at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club aka Wimbledon! It was incredible to be shown all the parts of Wimbledon that you see on the TV and is just such a beautiful place! Such a good day! Sunday was our busiest day as we were heavily involved in two church services as well as a church lunch and youth club in the evening! I had the opportunity to preach at both churches which I really enjoyed and we also got to lead other parts of the service – a good, but tiring day!
Next stop…..Oundle Baptist Church!

What we are thankful for:

We are very thankful that the first half of our tour has gone well.
We are thankful for the kindness towards us from church members, especially our hosts.

Please pray for:

Please pray that we will have energy for the second half of the tour and that we won’t get too tired.
Please pray that our break in Birmingham will be restful and will prepare us for the next four weeks.
Please pray that we will be useful and eager in each church we visit.


1:Us with the minister and wife and South Harrow 2: Us outside Wimbledon 3:Erin Receiving her birthday cake at Hendon 4: Us at the Hendon Tuesday fellowship

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  1. Mac&Odge says:

    It was great hearing about your time in Kolkata, seeing lots of photos and videos. It was a privilege having Erin and Cameron staying with us for the week. I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. The week ended with a lovely service taken by the team which I’m sure was a blessing to everyone there. Will continue to pray for you all over the next few weeks.

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