How to Survive Min-y-don

So, you may ask, what actually happens during an Action Team’s training?

The most significant thing that happened was Min y Don, but specifically, when Jonny had to climb the hardest climbing wall they had. When he first saw it , it looked simple. Just hold on to those rocks, and put mr feet there and I’ll be at the top. Jonny had to climb the wall and pop a balloon full of water at the top of the wall. He started climbing and the instructor told him that he was only allowed to climb using the same colour rocks. The challenge suddenly got a lot harder. Now there was a meter between the rock he was holding and the next rock up. Jonny struggled for a while. But he persisted. About half and hour hanging there. The original plan was to launch himself up to the next rock and in his head he would fly up and be able to hold the next rock. But physics said no. Then when he changed his approach (He held on to the edge of the wall and was able to stand on the top most rock he could reach), he was able to reach the next rock and then climb to the top. Jonny was more relieved than overjoyed when he finished. This was a reminder that not everything goes to plan and so you’ll need creative solutions.

On our second day at Min-y-don we had a beautiful devotional service which was collectively lead by all action teams. This was definitely the peak of the day because no one could have predicted what would happen next…
As per usual we sat as a BMS family ready for our dinner. But this would turn out to be a scam because we were all told to get up and take only a sleeping bag to camp in the middle of the forest. We managed to build shelter using Caitlin’s skills- the only thing left to sort out was food and a fire. Both of these things came with their challenges but the positivity we have as a team pulled us through . From mudslides and skating, lost shoes, wood hunting and many failed attempts we pulled stuck it out to make a successful campfire site and an edible meal.

– That Team France appreciates their time at home with family and friends
– That they feel ready to leave home
– That Team France has a safe journey on the 9th!

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  1. Jean U says:

    Gr8 report 🙂 Enjoy your weekend at home,Team France 🙂 Safe travels on Tuesday.Lots of Love and Prayers
    Jean xxxx 🙂

  2. Briony says:

    Team France!
    Thinking of you guys! Hope you’re all doing ok. Looking forward to hearing about the adventures you have in France. Have a brilliant time and remember stick together and stick to God! 🙂
    Hope the envelopes and time at MyD was helpful!
    Love and Prayers!
    Briony from MyD! 🙂

  3. Denise says:

    Hoping you have had straightforward travels to France and praying you will settle in well and quickly. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures

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