If You Think You’ve Got Your Sari on Right, You’re Probably Wrong

Indians do not shy away from hard work. This is something that we noticed from the very beginning. However, we didn’t get to experience that until we tried putting our saris on for the first time. Indian women deserve a medal. Later in the blog, we will bring to you a special segment all about our sari woes.


It’s been a while since our last blog, so apologies for that, but the past weeks have been full of fun! Three weeks ago, three quarters of the team went for a trip to Delhi Zoo. Cody stayed behind in protest (also she had to do UCAS stuff, fun times). The rest of the team found the zoo… “interesting, a time I’ll never forget and the closest we’ll ever get to fame”. The animals were not the main attraction, the team were. We’ve already mentioned how we tend to get stared at, but at the zoo, people were literally handing their babies over. To strangers.

Nothing to see here, just holding a strangers baby.

At one point they were surrounded by fifty people, and school groups wanted selfies. Just another day in Delhi.


The day after, we all went ice skating in the Ambience Mall in Gurugram. This was not an activity that we had pictured ourselves doing when we arrived in Delhi. It was, however, a welcome home comfort. Once on the ice, it became clear that this was not a common past time in India, if your common sense couldn’t have already told you that. The team, or at least most of us were braving centre ice whilst everyone else was hanging on to the sides. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time skating, and we will definitely be back.

Two of these people knew what they were doing, the other two did not.

The next day was Amy’s 19th birthday! The third birthday in Delhi was spent having an amazing time at school surrounded by the most amazing kids, and then a birthday dinner with our supervisor’s family. Amy really enjoyed it in spite of crying all day (happy tears). Amy’s highlight was playing Jenga with wafer, otherwise known as Wafer Jenga. We also enjoyed the company of David Fleck, who was part of the Delhi Team eleven years ago. He was visiting for a few days whilst he was here for work and we loved spending time with him and hearing a Scottish accent.

Some one should patent this.

Now time for a special segment that we like to call: How to Correctly Put on Your Sari;

  1. If the blouse fits wrong you’ve probably put it on the wrong way. Clasps go to the front! We made this mistake and then got laughed at by everyone… Don’t be that person.
  2. You should not have to waddle when you walk. There should be unrestricted leg movement, and once again we made this mistake. And once again we were laughed at.
  3. We missed the most important step. Cue our supervisor’s son saying, “What no pleats girls?”. No Arnold. We can’t even put our blouses on the right way, do you really expect us to put pleats in?
  4. Get an Indian or two to help you. It’s not worth trying on your own.

The help of two Indians and one hour later, we actually don’t look half bad.

We love our church, and over the last few weeks we have enjoyed celebrating various things with them. Delhi Bible Fellowship (DBF) of which our church is a part of, celebrated their fiftieth anniversary last week. We got to celebrate this with all the other churches that are a part of DBF and it was heart warming to see everyone’s heart for Jesus. Tears were shed, mostly by Cody, at “all the cute old men”. This was an event that we will remember for a life time and has been a highlight for us all so far.


Now Amy is going to share a wee bit about what God has been saying to her these last few weeks…

Hey y’all, Amy here! So, in the hectic lead up to Christmas we’ve been making sure that the true reason of Christmas has been constantly on our minds. We’ve done this especially through our morning devotions with the women. We’ve spoken about the joy of the saviour’s birth, the comfort from the angels and Marys faith and trust through it all. It’s been great to be reminded that through the mess and stress of Christmas dances, crafts and songs, the greatest gift was given to us at this time of year and we are so thankful for the joy and happiness that we are experiencing out here because of Jesus.


Thank you all so much for reading our blog! Our next blog will be after Christmas which will have more detail about what we’ve been getting up to in preparation for Christmas and of course, Christmas! See you then!

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  1. Esther says:

    You guys are so lucky that you get to try cool saris! Team France would probably get some weird looks… Good luck with the Christmas work and I’ll be waiting to hear what you get up to next time!

  2. Paul Lewis says:

    Great to hear from you again. We sent you a little package and Christmas card so hope it arrives. Don’t get excited – it’s nothing very exciting but will hopefully make you laugh and remember Bromsgrove! You’ll see what I mean when it arrives. Pray8ng for you to have a great Christmas xx

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