Introducing Team Peru!

Welcome to Team Peru’s blog! Here’s a little introduction to each of us and what we’ve been up to over the past month…

Katie is from Southampton and being the organised one of the group, is our practicalities coordinator. This means she’s in charge of sending emails and writing down plans in the team’s new alpaca notebook! She is also a great team motivator and optimist, which she proved by continuing to sing The Greatest Showman despite the rain and cold in Wales (more on that later!). She is looking forward to building relationships with the children in Peru as well as trying the food (though maybe not so much trying guinea pig!).

Bethan is from Sheffield and has the role of being our spiritual coordinator. We have so far learnt that she is definitely NOT a morning person, but has kept the team going with her supplies of Squashies and her ace sense of humour! She is most excited about living in a new culture and seeing God’s work in a new country (and of course the alpacas!).

Becky is from a small village called Catterline near Aberdeen. She is 17, making her the baby of the group and as writing coordinator is responsible for keeping this blog updated… Having asked the team how they would describe her, they responded by saying she can be pretty competitive, contributes a significant amount to the team’s musical talent and has provided what has become an endless source of entertainment to the group by walking nose-first into a glass door! She is really looking forward to experiencing Peruvian culture and meeting the children we’ll be teaching.

Marika is from Teignmouth in South Devon and is a great team player, which she showed in our first week at training by taking one for the team and becoming our finance coordinator. We’ve also learnt she is a great encourager and finds comfort in lying on kitchen floors… Before applying to Action Teams, she felt called to do mission in Peru and is most excited about learning Spanish and building relationships in the community.
We spent the month of September, along with the other Action Teams, training at BMS’s International Mission Centre (IMC) in Birmingham. While we were there, we attended sessions covering topics such as teaching overseas, dealing with culture shock and how we as individuals work in a team. We also spent time as a team bonding over the excessive amounts of tea we drink and our shared love for Disney films!

During our second week of training, we travelled to the infamous Min Y Don Christian Adventure Centre on the Welsh coast. It is fair to say we found it a testing few days with lots of unexpected challenges, which we probably shouldn’t elaborate on as it would ruin the surprise for future Action Teamers! However, it’s safe to say it was definitely not our highlight of training, but we left feeling stronger as a team and encouraged by our leaders Rachel and Chris.

During training, we also spent two weekends at our training church Catshill Baptist Church. While we were there, we helped out at coffee mornings, Sunday services, an open day, spent some time in a school, had a radio interview and even had four fish named after us! We were overwhelmed about how welcoming the people of Catshill were and can’t wait to go back and visit on tour after our time in Peru!

Training was a very busy and exhausting month, but we left having had lots of fun and laughter and filled with excitement for our time in Peru!

Prayer points:
  • Peace of mind as we say goodbye to our loved ones and prepare to go to Peru
  • Safe travels as we fly out to Peru on Sunday
  • That we will leave feeling equipped and ready to serve God
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  1. Jayne says:

    Bless you, been great having you around in Catshill, the kids here love you, and dynamos will be praying.

  2. Jane & Steve says:

    A lovely, well written first prayer letter. Hope you are all enjoying your family time this week. Will be thinking of you all and your families as you say your farewells on Saturday/Sunday. X

  3. Jane Larkman says:

    Lovely to meet the rest of Marika’s lovely team. May God give you a really good last two days before you leave. We’ll be praying for you all as you go. Love, Jane

  4. Paul Fisher says:

    Thinking of you all. We hope that all is well and that you are enjoying all that you are doing. Looking forward to hearing more.
    Blessings to all.
    Paul & Debbie

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