Is Nice nice? Team France Q&A

Is Nice nice?
It’s so beautiful., France is really a gift that just keeps giving! We’ve got the alps and the Mediterranean! -Caitlin

How do you all feel now you’re halfway?
It’s exciting to know we’ll see our families in 3 months; but at the same time, we still have tour to go. -Esther

What to you hope to gain/give in Nice?
We hope to gain further insight into the works of God across the world. We hope to give inspiration to the youth here to start reading the bible and form stronger relationships with God. -Jonny

What are you going to miss now you’ve moved to Nice?
I’ll miss my host family. Even though we hadn’t known them for long, they gave us space to be ourselves and to feel right at home. They truly loved us. -Taff

Are you all in the same accommodation now?
It’s two and two. Jonny and I are with a really loving family of the church, the Linkowskis; whilst Esther & Taff are with a young couple with a very cute one year old and one more on the way! -Caitlin

What have you learnt about God so far?
On my first day, I was blown away by the beauty of Nice. All I could think about was how God always wants to bless us and give us good things. I am so thankful every day that God sent us here. (Mathew 7:11) -Esther

What was your favourite part of your holiday?
My favourite part of the holiday was going to the spy museum because it was very interactive and there was lots of interesting information. -Jonny

Rewarding stories about Gif?
At the refugee centre, volunteers spend time with women struggling with accommodation and work. Before beginning our work here I questioned God with what my purpose would be there. what could I give to these women,? Although I had areas that could have stopped me from connecting with the women, I had other things like my amazingness at playing games.The next week one of the women remembered me and asked for me. Which was extremely rewarding because she must have felt some sort of connection to have remembered my name. -Taff

What’s your favourite pastime so far in Nice?
Taking a walk under the palm trees by the sea or taking a plunge! There’s no shortage of things to take time and enjoy here. I always find myself rubbing my eyes in a “this can’t be real” kind of way. -Caitlin

What work will you be doing?
We’ll be helping with more youth work in Nice, as well as taking part in the worship. In February we hope to start an Art Club in English for the holidays. We’ll tell you how that turns out! -Esther

Who are you working with in Nice?
We are working with Peggy and Etienne Linkowski. Etienne is the pastor of the church and Peggy is the leader of and starting many projects in the church. However, they support each other so one is not completely responsible for everything. -Jonny

What do you need prayer for?
I need prayer to pay more attention to my personal relationship with God.. I want God to be at the centre of my mind and all that I do. To not let distractions and temptations make me forget this. -Taff


-To let God be at the centre of what we do
-That Team France creates beneficial change in Nice
-That Team France forms relationships with the young people in Nice

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  1. Sarah Kobrus says:

    Good to see you settling again. WOW great place, thankful for abundant blessings that youbwill be to the people in nice Nice

  2. Jean Underdown says:

    This is a wonderful,informative,fun blog,thanks ever so much,Team France 🙂 The Lord bless and use you all so wonderfully in Nice 🙂
    Lots of Love and Prayers
    Jean xxxx 🙂 🙂 :-). 🙂

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