Isla: The Life of an Action Team Dog

     Hello! I’m Isla. I’m originally from Scotland but I now live in France with Christine.
Because I am not very good at typing (I don’t have opposable thumbs), Esther is helping me type out my story. I also told her to include some of my favourite photos in this week’s blog. I will give her lots of soggy kisses to say thank you.

I think Jonny could stroke me more, well I think everyone could stroke me more. It’s so annoying when they’re doing they’re human stuff and not paying attention to me. I whine when they’re praying so that they’ll stroke me. Did I say I like to be stroked? Because that’s my favourite thing, well after treats.

It has to be said though that Caitlin is a favourite of mine. Her accent is a bit like mine, we have the ‘Scottish Connection.’ We especially loved watching ‘The Bodyguard’ together, it’s the first time she’s understood something while being in France! I am a little worried however about the amount of times she’ll tell me that she’s taking me back to Scotland with her, she seems to be deadly serious about it too!

The Action Team have been great fun! I get to go to all of their Bible studies and listened to some top secret plans about Christmas parties and services. They always seem hard at work so I like to help them take a break by nudging their hand until they stop working. The fact that it’s to give me attention is besides the point.

Sometimes in the morning when I come to the church with Christine we meet with the Action Teamers. Every morning they open up their Bibles and read out loud. They have such beautiful voices, and they have great discussions about the writings of a man called Mark. It’s amazing to hear about the stories of Jesus; He sounds like a great man.

I’m very excited to be part of the France Action Team and their hard work! But now Christine has to take me on a walk.

Thanks for pawsing to read!

– The work of Christine Kling (and Isla!)
– That Christine and the Action Team can help the community in Gif
– That the Christmas projects get underway successfully

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  1. Denise says:

    Hi Isla, Thanks for updating us on the team. I hope they are giving you lots of attention as you help them in the work sharing God’s love with the community in Gif

  2. Jean Underdown says:

    A unique blog ,well done,Isla,Christine ,Esther and all the other lovely Action Teamers .Have a very Blessed and Happy week ahead
    Lots of Love and Prayers Jean xxxx 🙂

  3. Grandma x says:

    What a brilliant dog ! D’ya know what dog spelled backwards says ??? Yeah ! You got it folks ! I wonder if Jesus had a dog ? Just a thought ! Es’ you must tell him how cold it is in Scotland, but awesome mountains to climb and fields to run in , you have to keep moving to stay warm and it does rain a lot there !! Have fun kids lol x

  4. Grace says:

    Thank you Isla for that great insight into the lives of team France. It was well worth ‘pawsing’ to read!

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