It’s been a busy few weeks!

Dear friends thank you for reading another one of our blog posts, after this we will have only one more from India.

Over the past few weeks we’ve all had the opportunity to go along with one of the teachers from school to the slum where lots of the children live. Three afternoons a week this teacher (Nazreen) goes into the slum and runs an additional work class for any children that want a place to be able to do additional work, get help or have something to do for the afternoon! She also teaches a group of the children’s parents sewing so we got to watch in on this and chat to some of the mums with our Bengali! We were able to help the kids with work 1 on 1 which was a stark contrast to what we are used to in class! We were all really encouraged because the children we spent time with were really eager to learn and we saw them learn new things in the short time we were there – not something we regularly experience in the classroom because it’s a bit chaotic and they are all very easily distracted! It was however eye opening to walk through the slums and see the conditions that our kids live in – it’s basically situated on a rubbish dump. Despite this, the children were so joyful, smiling and dancing through their slum which was also incredible to see!

We were very lucky to be able to visit two hostels, one for boys and the other for girls, with a group of English people visiting from their church. The hostels are both run by the same people who also run the school we teach at in the mornings, GNCEM. After a long journey there, perhaps just over an hour, we were pleased to arrive and after a brief tour went to their assembly. After some songs and stories performed by the English group, we were delighted to watch the girls in the first hostel do some dancing and then receive some gifts from the English group afterwards. After a while playing with balloons, they had just received we then left and travelled onto the boy’s hostel. Again, we were entertained with some dancing and they then received gifts as well. In both hostels we were very excited to see some of the children who used to go to the school we teach at in the mornings, meaning they had moved on to a higher level of education, all the children were so happy at both hostels.

Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit some villages with a ministry linked to BMS known as “Big Life”. As we drove to the village on the first day, we saw scenes of beautiful rice fields and felt the obvious peace after the noise and chaos of the city centre! When we arrived, we prayed with the village before splitting into two groups-one group went and played games with the children and the other group set up a small medical camp(which was more of a pharmacy). I( Erin) chose to help in the medical camp which involved giving out basic medication to people in the village-I found it a really interesting experience! Emily and Cameron were involved with playing games with the children and they also really enjoyed it.


The second day was rather different mainly due to adverse weather conditions. These resulted in us singing worship songs at the top of our voices under a shelter to try and encourage people to come and join us as the rain poured down outside. As you can imagine, we didn’t get many visitors! However, we did get a few and were invited back to various houses where we were able to talk to and pray for people and their families which was really great especially as they were Hindus. Being invited to someone’s home is important as it means we have been accepted in the village and that a “Big Life” group could come again and tell the people more about Jesus. People were so welcoming and gave us chai and any food they had. It was humbling to witness such hospitality and generosity especially as they earn less than £1.50 a day. The two days at the villages were an incredible experience and one that we will all remember! 

In the slum where our school kids live

Medical camp in the village


First introductions in the first village!

Games with the village kids

Assembly at the girls hostel

Three of the girls that used to come to our school and are now in the hostel!!

Boys hostel!




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  1. Sarah (mum) says:

    Another great blog! Hope you’re having fun with Hannah and not melting too much!! Enjoy your last week in Kolkata. Praying for you all and strength for all your good byes What an amazing team you’ve been So excited to see you all soon. Lots of love xx

  2. Mac&Odge says:

    Once again thanks for the blog. Praying for you as you finish your time in
    Kolkata. So many amazing memories to share when we see you. Lots of love. Xxxx

  3. Ingrid Waller says:

    Thanks again! Must have been so nice to see the school children pop up elsewhere and also get out to the village.
    Life will be so weird when you don’t need to capture it in blog form! Time suddenly seems to have flown. I know you will have lots of travels coming up, large and small, praying for peace and stamina! Ingrid MNBC

  4. A Millar says:

    What great experiences you’ve had. Thank you for sharing- we have loved hearing all about it. Love Mum , Dad and Laura x

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