January Adventures

This month has been a very different one for team Mozambique. We’ve experienced lots of new and exciting things and travelled to a few different places. Usually, January is a very slow month for Mozambique as it’s still the school holidays and people are getting ready to go back to school/work after Christmas. However, we were able to make it quite busy and get involved in many new things!

New year

We experienced our first ever Mozambican new year which was exciting! We stayed at our flat, watched a film and played a game of monopoly to keep us awake until midnight. It seemed so quiet in the streets all evening.. but then it hit midnight! We went out onto our balcony and there was a man setting off fireworks in our street. I’m not going to lie, it didn’t look that safe as fireworks were hitting cars, and the building opposite our flat! It was amazing to be able to look out on the rest of Maputo and see the entire skyline lit up by everyone’s firework displays. Such a pretty thing to see. Amazing that we were able to enter 2020 as a team in Mozambique. Definitely something we’ve never experienced before.

YFC Youth Week – South Africa

On January 2nd, we were up in the early hours of the morning ready for an 8+ hour bus journey to the South Africa youth week! We travelled there with the youth from new life church and also Ferroviario church. It was a super long journey which included the bus breaking down at one point! It ended up taking us 13 hours to get there. Attending a youth camp in Africa is extremely different from any camps we’ve been to in the UK. There was a set schedule for the week filled with different activities and competitions we had to get involved with. We really enjoyed being there, meeting new people and praying for those wanting to live their lives for Jesus. The worship was amazing and we loved learning new songs and dances in Zulu! What an experience. I’m not going to say it was easy, we definitely had some struggles whilst we were there. It was very full-on and overwhelming at times but overall the experience was excellent. We got closer to the youth from both of our churches and had some amazing chats with them. We also got to try some new foods which is always a bonus!

Sekeleka Children’s Centre – Macia

From January 13th-25th we spent our time helping out at Sekeleka in Macia. Sekeleka is a centre for children/young adults with disabilities and also for those who may not have parents. Macia is about a 3-hour drive from Maputo and is further North of Mozambique. Where we stayed was a lot more rural to living in the city but we’re so glad we got the opportunity to spend some time in a local village. The staff and children and Sekeleka were so amazing and made us feel so welcome. We built many new friendships and despite the language barrier, we were still able to have good chats and lots of laughs. The staff at Sekeleka catered to our skills and really allowed us to express our passions. We painted a mural on the wall which was a design relating to the centre, made a video for them to advertise the centre, took lots of photos, taught guitar and crafts and got involved with sewing, making aprons for the workers. Each of us loved being able to help out in ways we could and we loved getting alongside the workers. Each day consisted of morning devotions, work around the centre (like painting/planning crafts) until the children arrived at 12pm. We would play with the children until lunch, have lunch which was always an amazing local dish, then after lunch, the children would have a devotion slot. We lead the devotion once in Portuguese and it went okay, considering none of us are fluent Portuguese speakers! Elana and my task was to sort out the activities for the children after the devotion slot so we did lots of colouring, cutting and sticking while some of the group split off and went with George and Joel to be taught how to play the guitar. After the activities were done, the children would have showers and then have a snack before going back to their houses at 4pm ish. Each day had the same timetable but was always so different! The children were so fun to be around and were hilarious characters. We were able to go on a trip with the children to the next town called Xai Xai and they were able to see more of Mozambique and a wonderful beach they have there. There’s so many stories to tell from our time at Macia, you’ll have to stay tuned and come to see us on tour to find out more!

A heartbreaking experience we did have at Macia was the sudden passing of one of the workers. It really made us as a team realise how hard it is for people in Africa to go to hospital and get treated for illnesses due to financial situations. The whole team at Sekeleka were devastated and it was so hard to see. The children were heartbroken when they were told the news. As a team we tried to be there for everyone affected as much as we could, praying for them and comforting them. We attended the funeral on Friday 24th to pay our respects and it was an experience none of us expected to have during our time overseas. The community came together and there were over 150 people who attended. It was so hard seeing how devastated her friends and family were. Prayer for peace and comfort for all of those who knew her is greatly appreciated.

Our last couple of months

We cannot believe it is almost February already! Our time overseas is flying by. For the last couple of months being overseas we are getting involved with our local projects again. Helping out at the school, Masana the street boys project, helping our supervisor with advertising, running youth group, attending bible study and going to church. We’re excited to get stuck in again and involved with the projects we started before Christmas!

Prayer Points

  • For the children, workers, friends and family of those who knew the Sister at Macia.
  • That we are able to get fully stuck in and involved with our projects again and continue to build good relationships.
  • That we enjoy our last couple of months being overseas and take in everything that we’re experiencing.

We greatly appreciate the continued support, prayers and advice we are given, thank you so much to those who support us all each and every day!

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  1. Ruth says:

    wow you guys sound like you’ve been really busy! It’s great to hear more from you all and will be praying for a fruitful last few months ❤️

  2. Wyona Ferreira says:

    The impact you had and are still having in the NewLife Youth and church family is amazing! You SHINE BRIGHT the Light, Love and Truth of the gospel! We THANK God for you !

    • Vikki Batchelor says:

      Fab blog, an interesting read, good to hear what you’ve been up to. Sad that you had a funeral to attend though. God Bless you all in the last couple of months

    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much, it means a lot to us as a team! We absolutely love being a part of New Life church and we cherish all of the friendships we’ve made! We can’t thank you all enough for being so welcoming!

  3. Corinne Mullins says:

    Our Bible study today was Joshua Chapter 1: 1-9 where God tells Joshua to Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Then we read your blog and felt those verses were really appropriate for you. Enjoy the rest of your time in Mozambique, we are praying for you. Corinne and Phil

  4. Erin S says:

    It sounds like you guys have been such a blessing to those you have met, keep up the good work! Love and prayers

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