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I’ve been with team France now for 6 months which is long time to be with people, especially if you are living with them also. There have been some highs and lows but one thing that has remained constant is God’s presence with us.

Our work in Gif was more social work with the community, which meant naturally due to the cultural censorship of religion within France the work was not evangelical and any preaching in such projects would be breaking the law. This was a struggle for me as I wanted the work I did to have spiritual importance. I was also looking forward to having the opportunity to share my faith others through the projects. Even though the work didn’t fit what mission was for me at first, I got to learn that what God expected me to do was to selflessly love the people I would meet.

Now that I’m in Nice I have new found appreciation of Gif, in that it is totally different. The work is more evangelical and we’re expected to be extremely open about our spirituality and to share this side of ourselves all the time with the church; and especially with the youth as we are forming relationships with them. Work in Gif was more about service to the community, the people outside of Christian doors; whereas now our work is service for the Christian community in the church. It was hard adjusting to such a shift at first, because it requires you to be more vulnerable, but in
this there is growth. We’ve also had the privilege to meet many young believers of the same age, which has been a blessing. We love meeting in fellowship, so as a result we have had the privilege to start a movie club on Sundays. We can watch Christian films and share our views and learn from each other. We have also started some more refugee work in Italy, as it borders with France.

God really hears our cries and our praises, he hears us when we cry and when we laugh. I don’t doubt for a second why I am here. It was predestined and orchestrated by him. I have met so many angels along the way and can witness to his goodness. It hasn’t been easy and of course I have cried at times but I have laughed many more times. If I were to ask for one prayer from you, it would be not for me only, but our families back home. To keep them healthy and happy… so they can cook for us when we get back home!

“He didn’t love in order to get something from us, but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.” Ephesians 5:2

-For Taff’s family back home
-That Taff can continue to love selflessly
-For Team France’s new film club ‘Vision’

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  1. Jean Underdown says:

    Fascinating blog ,Taf ,especially helping me understand the big difference of your team’s work in Gif and your work in Nice,thank you so much
    The Lord bless you all so much
    Lots of Love and Prayers
    Jean xxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ps All Saints ( good link to refugees )and War Room are really good Christian films 🙂 xx

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