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Dear friends thank you for looking at this latest instalment of our blog, we are sorry not to have written in a while but it’s been so hectic and busy! For our first week of tour we visited Lincoln Baptist Church and have written down five highlights of ours.

Over the past week we have really enjoyed some lovely meals with some lovely people in their homes. We’ve been able to get to know the pastor of Lincoln Baptist Church: Ross and his wife Miriam and their three girls. We’ve been able to escape planning and been able to play until our hearts are content with them! Our hosts, Richard and Dorothy have been a pleasure to get to know and we have felt so blessed by them. Being in peoples homes has really made us feel part of the LBC community and has allowed us time to form relationships over the week. As well as sharing our own stories over the week, its been really great to hear other people’s stories too! We have really valued these times being church family with people. Thank you to everyone at LBC for making us feel so loved and welcomed!

Something we especially enjoyed whilst at Lincoln Baptist Church was being asked to speak at a group event called CAMEO, which stands for come and meet each other. The group was well attended by around 30 people and we greatly enjoyed explaining what it was we did in Kolkata, but also being able to meet lots of new and friendly faces. At CAMEO we gave a PowerPoint presentation with some video clips and plenty of photographs, we ended this meeting with some questions and answers which was really good because everyone was so interested. We would like to say a very big thank you to CAMEO for having us to give a talk and also for the splendid lunch we had there!

On Saturday we visited Ruskington and Sleaford, my (Cameron’s) sending church for this programme was All Saints Ruskington, unfortunately as the church’s priest has recently retired we were only able to visit for one day. The day began with us all going to the annual St Georges Day market followed by us spending time with people who attend St Deny’s church in Sleaford, where we enjoyed good company and tea. We then visited my Bible study group in Ruskington for a nice lunch and then explained what we did in India to people from church. We ended the day with a missionary themed prayer service with candles and lots of reflection time. It was really wonderful to be able to see every one again and to tell about what we got up to.

Whilst we were at Lincoln Baptist Church (LBC) we were able to get involved in one of their projects for the homeless called LIFT. This project provides hot drinks and a two course meal for those in need of it. We served teas and coffees as well as helping with the washing up. We all found this to be a really interesting experience and it was great to see the way in which LBC were responding to the needs of their community! 

On Sunday, the three of us had various opportunities to speak to and spend time with the children and young people in the church. We lead the kid’s talk in the main service, speaking about faithfulness which  seemed to go well judging by the kids’ smiling faces! Then, Emily and I spent the rest of the service with the juniors and lead a craft for them to do, based on the parting of the Red Sea, which we both found really fun! Cameron spent the service with the youth group and was able to have a good discussion with them about the story of Daniel. It was great to be able to spend time with the children and youth at LBC and we hope they enjoyed spending time with us 

Above: Lincoln Cathedral

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  1. Sarah P says:

    Great to hear. Pleased that you are enjoying sharing your hearts … & having fun!

  2. Mac&Odge says:

    Great to read another blog. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you next week.

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