Meet Team Woohoo Peru

Training (So Far)

Funny, physically painful, emotionally exhausting and spiritually expanding are just a few words we can use to explain our experiences since the 2nd of September.  Even in such a short amount of time we have been through so much, individually, as a team and as part of the wider action teams. Unfortunately our best stories took place at Min-Y-Don (a Christian outdoor activity centre in Wales) and we are sworn to secrecy surrounding  the events of that week.  However we can tell you it was an incredibly bonding experience but not one we would like to repeat anytime soon.  The many sessions we’ve had on various topics by brilliant people have stretched our understanding of culture, religion and first aid.  It has indeed prepared us for the year ahead.

However, training has not been without it’s dramas.  On Wednesday I (Jacob) was injured during a game in the garden.  My back was in a lot of pain but I was surrounded by caring people and with the skills and knowledge to know what to do.  I was taken to A&E in an ambulance with the fear of a spinal injury.  But with many, many people praying and a night of tests and x-rays, I was given the all clear and now just 3 days later I am able to fully participate in training without the use of pain relief.  Thanks to all those who prayed.


The Team

Hi, I’m Erin, I’m 18 and I come from Tillicoultry, a small village in central Scotland and I’m really excited to be going to Peru this year.  Next year I’m going to be studying Sustainable Development at the University of Edinburgh so this team placement is very relevant to my interest in the environment.  I’m also really looking forward to seeing how God uses our team in the places we are working in and through the people we encounter.





Hiya! I’m Sophie and I am 18 years old, I live in Peterborough in East Anglia. I have been a Christian for five years and grew up in a Christian family. I felt called to do mission work with BMS as it’s always been a desire of mine, because mission work majorly influenced my coming to faith. I am excited for Peru, to see what God will do with my team. I plan to go and study Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds next year after action teams.





Hi, I’m Jacob. I am 23 and have just completed a degree in Geography at the University of Portsmouth. I applied to do Action Teams as there are clear links with my studies, in particular my dissertation research, as well as my love for people, culture and Christ. I have had the privilege of travelling to Tanzania and Uganda, so wanted to continue my adventures but with a new place. Peru is a beautiful country that I cannot wait to visit.





Prayer Points

– Pray that God will keep us safe and strong in mind, body and spirit, through all trials and adventures.

– Pray that we will build strong and meaningful relationships in our team and with those we encounter on our journey.

– Pray that we will feel at home in our team and in the presence of God, through all our experiences.

– Pray that language and cultural challenges will be gracefully manage.


Bible Verse








Keep in Contact

@woohoo.peru – Instagram – Email

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  1. Jean Underdown says:

    You were all brilliant this morning and I am so sorry I couldn’t tell you that in person as I had to dash off for a lovely visit from my son Ian, daughter in law Letty and my gorgeous granddaughters, Elsey 10 and Ezzie 8 from Chesterfield. I am very biased!!! Love this blog and enjoy your times at home til you fly. Lots of Love and Prayers Jean xxx 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Lee says:

    Superb blog – will be thinking of you all – lots!!!
    Great to talk to you all this morning at Bewdley

  3. Grace Harrison says:

    Thanks team Peru for a great first blog- we look forward to reading future updates!!
    Grace, Kat and Hannah

  4. Dot Evans says:

    Erin it was great to see you again on Saturday after many years! What a suprise. When I think of Bridget will also pray for you “auntie dot”

  5. Gail Walker says:

    Really excited for you as you head for Peru. Praying for you and hoping that you have the best of experiences!

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