Meet the Team!

Welcome to Team France’s blog!

Esther is from Folkestone, Kent and has been a Christian  for most of her life. Esther has a passion for music and has led her church choir at home for over a year. She also plays piano and will go on to study Music at Goldsmiths after her Action Year placement. Esther holds the Almighty Power of being Communications Coordinator, meaning she has the last say over the blogs (and does a lot of nagging to make sure it gets done!). Esther is most excited about connecting with the local community on an emotional and spiritual level in France.

Meet Caitlin, also commonly known as 1/4 of the France Action Team – Vive la France! Winning this years distance award, Caitlin comes from the lovely area of Macduff in the North-East of Scotland (if you don’t have a map to hand that’s about an hour north of Aberdeen). When Caitlin’s home she loves to spend time in the sea, often with a snorkel mask and a camera beneath the surface or aboard the family boat exploring the waters of the Moray Firth. She’s especially excited to test the waters of Nice, and hopes to bring her passion for the sea and photography into action then! Overall, she’s really excited to spend this year getting to know God and see others do the same both within our action team and out in France.

Caitlin’s specific role in the team is practicalities coordinator; in short, she’ll be reading the emails. Whether it be prayer, questions, updates or simply to say hello please do send an email, she downloaded an app and everything so do go on!

 Tafadzwa is a part of the Action team to France! She originally comes from Zimbabwe but lives in Southend, Essex which is great because we’re right near the sea. Tafadzwa love reading, singing and worshiping God- she hopes to definitely explore these more whilst serving God in France.

Jonny currently lives in Lincoln and attends Alive Church, Lincoln. Jonny’s British but he grew up around the world so he struggles to say where exactly in England he’s from. Jonny grew up in a Christian home.


-That Team France can smoothly transition from Britain to France

– Breaking language and Christian-related stigma barriers

– To keep our focus on God

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  1. Chris says:

    Go Team France!
    Here’s hoping you all have a good rest before you set out on 9th October. The Lord bless you all.

  2. Elizabeth Lee says:

    First few days in France. Hooray! Hope you are enjoying all the new sights, sounds, food tastes, smells, noise, customs and culture that arriving in a new country brings. Praying for good relationships with your BMS team, supervisor, and local people that you will meet. Keep the blogs coming.

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