Merry Christmas from Mozambique!!

A very Merry Christmas to our friends and family back home!

This year is a very different Christmas for Team Mozambique. For a start, it’s 31°C whilst I’m writing this, the sun is beaming and each member of the team is sunburnt!!

Since the Christmas holidays have begun, our projects have slowed down a bit – however, we’ve still been getting involved with lots of things such as holiday club, Christmas parties and exploring more of Maputo on our days off.


Holiday Club

We had so much fun getting alongside the teachers and students at Nwananga school for the past two weeks. We taught classes, played many games and had lots of conversations to help improve the children’s English. We’ve built closer relationships with both the teachers and the students which will hopefully continue to grow when we start back at school in February. We absolutely love being able to help out in Nwananga school and seeing the children develop in their English skills is so amazing.



British High Commissioning Christmas Gathering

Last week, we went along to the high commissioning Christmas event. We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived so we just went for it. When we walked in, there were lots of stalls selling African products like capulana clothes and African jewellery. We had a wander and looked at all of the different products. We sat down and took in everything that was going on around us. After some time, some African tribal dancers came out and did some amazing dancing! It was an awesome thing to witness. We were sat right at the front so got the best view, however, this also meant that George and Joel were chosen to try and do some tribal dancing too! It was such a good experience and so funny to watch. Definitely a memory we’ll keep forever.



Masana Christmas Party

On December 20th, we went back to Masana and joined in with the Christmas party they were having. We had such an amazing morning playing party games such as apple bobbing and bean bag throwing. The boys are so competitive and love a competition – it was so fun to see and get involved with! We got to chat to some of the boys who have little English, but it was nice to have small conversations and get to know them a little bit better. We also discovered how much they LOVE to pose for photos! Elana took her camera and got some amazing shots, as you can see below.



Our First Mozambique Wedding Experience

We went along to a Mozambique wedding ceremony at our international church on Saturday 21st. Once again, we didn’t know what to expect! The ceremony was scheduled to start at 8am, but Mozambican timing meant it didn’t actually start until 8.45am ish.It was a very different experience to a British wedding, but the celebration they have during the service is so exciting! So much dancing, cheering and just a day filled with joy which was amazing to witness.



Beach Day

On December 23rd (Christmas Eve Eve😉)  we had a trip to the beach in Katembe. It was so amazing to be able to spend the morning chilling on the beach and swimming in the Indian Ocean!! We had so much fun and the weather was amazing. Unfortunately, we’re still trying to get used to just how strong the sun is and how often we have to apply suncream.. lots of aftersun is currently being used!!



Adventures to the Private Hospital

Not one of the most exciting experiences, but an experience we’ve been waiting for. Over the past week, Elana has been suffering with a bad earache and completely lost hearing in one ear. We went to a pharmacy and got some medicine but it didn’t seem to work. In the early hours of Sunday morning, the pain had gotten too much and we decided it was best to go and get it checked out at the hospital. Elana and Emily went to the hospital with our supervisor and thankfully Elana was able to get antibiotics, ear drops and pain relief to try and get rid of the infection. Although it wasn’t the most fun trip, we’re all so blessed to have a private hospital nearby to go to incase of emergencies.



Visa Update…

It’s Christmas Eve the day I’m writing this and we spent our morning in immigration, and are still in the process of trying to get our visas sorted out. As our supervisors are currently in the UK, another BMS worker has come to Maputo from Beira to spend Christmas with us. She has been helping us so much with the continued visa process and we’re so thankful for that. We got our translated DBS checks back from the UK and handed them into immigration this morning. Once we gave them in, we then got told that a letter from religious affairs was written to the wrong people, meaning that it is another document that needs changing. It seems like it’s one thing after another and we’re wondering if we’re ever going to have visas whilst being in Maputo!! We’re continuing to lean on God during this difficult and stressful time, we know it will all work out according to his plan. Sometimes it can all just feel very overwhelming.



Prayer Points:

  • That we have a good first Christmas away from home and that our families and friends have a good Christmas at home.
  • For our visa situation and that we are able to get our visas and passports back before January 2nd in order for us to attend a youth camp in South Africa.
  • For the month of January, as we are scheduled to spend a lot of time away from Maputo. That we feel peace and comfort in where we’re staying and helping with new projects.
  • That Elana’s ear continues to heal and the infection goes away.


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  1. Ruth says:

    great to hear what you’ve been up to and what Christmas is looking like for you guys! Lots of love and will keep praying about visas x

  2. Rowland says:

    Praying for you all that you’ll have a great Christmas and an amazing 2020! Remember, God honours those who honour him so keep loving and serving Him well.

  3. Gemma Batchelor says:

    I love team Moz! You guys are so positive and Jesus focused despite the stress thrown at you! Such worthwhile things you’re doing. Praying x

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